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Steve Cohn
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Open colloquium dates, 2011-2012

Math 842-843

The Qualifying Exam: Topics Typically Covered in 842-843 January 2002 Qualifying Exam June 2002 Qualifying Exam January 2003 Qualifying Exam June 2003 Qualifying Exam January 2004 Qualifying Exam June 2004 Qualifying Exam June 2005 Qualifying Exam The 2006-7 Course Outlines: 842 Course Outline Note: The 842 final exam will on Monday, 12/11, 1:00 - 3:00 The 2006-7 842-3 Final Exams: 2006-7 842 Final Exam 2006-7 843 Final Exam Notes: Assignment 2, Problem 17a The Relativistic Perihelion Problem From 2.2 Singular Perturbation, Boundary Layers Exam 1 Solutions Integral Asymptotics 1: Laplace's Method Integral Asymptotics 2: Watson's Lemma Integral Asymptotics 3: Stationary Phase The WKB Method A Little Multivariable Calculus Normed Linear Spaces Calculus of Variations 1: The Gateaux Variation Calculus of Variations 2: One Function of One Variable Calculus of Variations 3: One Function of Several Variables Calculus of Variations 4: Several Functions of One Variables Calculus of Variations 5: Geodesics on Surfaces Calculus of Variations 6: Hamilton's Principle Calculus of Variations 7: Hamilton's Equations Balance Laws 1 Balance Laws 2: The Heat, Laplace and Poisson Equations The Wave Equation Linearity, Superposition and Classification Problems and Equations Well-Posed Problems Concerning L^2(I) Eigenfunction Expansions 1 Eigenfunction Expansions 2 Eigenfunction Expansions 3 Fourier Transforms 1 Fourier Transforms 2 Fourier Transforms 3 Fourier Transforms 4: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Wave Propagation 1: The Method of Characteristics Wave Propagation 2: The Quasilinear Scalar Conservation Law Wave Propagation 3: The Jump Condition Wave Propagation 4: Traveling Waves, The Burgers' Equation Wave Propagation 5: Traveling Waves, The KdV Equation A Little More Multivariable Calculus: The Jacobian, Change-of-Variable, etc. syll Math 843, Exam 2 Green's Functions 1: Introduction Fourier Transforms 5: Eigenfunction Expansions and Transform Pairs

Partial Differential Equations Seminar

Fall 2010-11 Spring 2010-11

Math 104, Spring 2010/11

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Math 428/828, Spring 2010/11

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Math 208, Fall 2010/11

Outline for exam 1 Exam 1 Outline for exam 2 Outline for exam 3 Outline for exam 4 Outline for final exam Chain rule problems Gradient problems Parametrization problems Potential functions, gradient fields, path-independence problems Second derivative test problems Spherical and cylindrical coordinates problems Notes on the differential Notes on iterated integrals in polar coordinates Notes on vector fields and line integrals Notes on flux and surface integrals Notes on surface integrals and the differentials for flux integrals Course log

Assorted Notes for the Engineering Review, Fall 2008

Chain rule examples Integration tricks Classification of improper integrals Notes on Taylor series Notes on gradients Notes on line integrals Notes on surface integrals Properties of the Laplace transform Sample Laplace transform problems The inverse Laplace transform Table of Laplace transforms Second-order, linear ODEs 1 Second-order, linear ODEs 2 Second-order, linear ODEs 3 Basic matrix operations Last modified: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2011 14:57:54 UTC