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Jamie Radcliffe
217 Avery Hall
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tel: (402) 472-9851
Fax: (402) 472-8466
e-mail: aradcliffe1@math.unl.edu


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My research interests are in Combinatorics and Convex Geometry; in particular Extremal Set Systems, Reconstruction Problems, and Geometric Inequalities.


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  2. Isoperimetric Inequalities for Faces of the Cube and the Grid, B. Bollobas and A.J. Radcliffe, Europ. J. Combinatorics 11 (1990) 323--333
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  6. Analysis of a simple greedy matching algorithm, A. Frieze, A.J. Radcliffe, and S. Suen, Proceedings of the 4th Annual Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, 1993, 341--351. This also appears in Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing, 4 (1995) 47--66.
  7. Every tree contains a large induced subgraph with all degrees odd, A.J. Radcliffe and A. Scott, Discrete Math., 140 (1995) 275--279.
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  19. Extremal numbers of graph homomorphisms, J. Cutler and A. J. Radcliffe, accepted by J. Graph Theory.
  20. Negative Dependence and Srinivasan's sampling process, J. Brown Kramer, J. Cutler, and A. J. Radcliffe, submitted to Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing
  21. An entropy proof of the Kahn-Lovasz theorem, J. Cutler, and A. J. Radcliffe, submitted to Electronic J. of Combinatorics
  22. Hypergraph independent sets, J. Cutler, and A. J. Radcliffe, submitted to Graphs and Combinatorics
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