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During finals week, the MRC will be running as an online resource according to the hours listed to the right. There are two ways to get help with eligible math courses:

  • Best Choice: Join a Zoom meeting between with a counselor between 12:30pm-8:30pm using the following link: Link to Live Remote MRC
  • Another Option: Use the Piazza discussion board forum in Canvas.

The Mathematics Resource Center is committed to continuing to provide support for students enrolled in First-Year Mathematics courses (Math 100A, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, and 107) as the university moves to a remote instruction model. The physical location for the MRC, Avery 13, will be closed for the remainder of the semester.

For the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, students will have two options for reaching out to counselors for assistance in their mathematics courses:

  • Students may use the following link to join a Zoom meeting with a counselor who can answer questions that they have while studying:
    • Counselors will do their best to help students in the order in which they join the Zoom meetings.
    • Students should be patient with the counselors, as providing feedback in a remote format takes more time compared to providing feedback in person.
  • All students in First-Year Mathematics courses will be enrolled in a Canvas course called “Online Mathematics Resource Center”. Students can use “Piazza” from the left-hand menu on this Canvas page to submit questions to MRC counselors at any time of the day. A few additional notes:
    • Instructions for Using Piazza - Please read this resource to learn about posting questions to Piazza
    • Although students can submit questions at any time, counselors will only answer questions during regular MRC hours, so students should allow for ample time for their questions to be answered before assignments would be due.

The expectations on students and counselors have not changed in moving to a remote instruction model:

  • Students, before asking a question (either on the Piazza discussion board or in a Zoom meeting with a counselor) should have begun working on the problem, and they should be prepared to upload a picture of their progress or show their progress to the counselor.
  • Counselors should ask questions to help further students’ thinking, or offer suggestions or other examples that the student can reference to continue making progress on the problem.

Students should not use either the discussion platform or the Zoom meetings to ask for solutions to exercises.

Please contact the Director of the Mathematics Resource Center, Dr. Josh Brummer, with any questions or concerns.

Hours and Locations

Spring 2020 Semester:
Online Only

Finals Week Hours:

Monday May 4 – Wednesday May 6
12:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.