Override Request Policy and Procedure

Please read closely!

Policy for Requesting Overrides for Full or Closed Courses

This policy information and the following procedure and online form is for requesting admission to a FULL or CLOSED course. Course instructors in the Department of Mathematics do not provide overrides for full or closed courses. The Department of Mathematics will not approve course override requests if there are still open course sections unless it is impossible for you to fit an open section into your schedule. Once all available seats have been given out, you will need to work with your academic advisor to create an alternative course plan. If you are submitting a request for an override just to have a more preferred schedule for the upcoming semester, your request will be given the lowest priority for approval.

The MATH/STAT 380: Statistics and Applications course and all Statistics courses like STAT 218, 318, 462, and 463 are administered by the Department of Statistics. The Department of Statistics has their own override request form, which is available here: https://statistics.unl.edu/override-request-form.

Course Prerequisite Issues: Please check with your academic advisor if MyRed is blocking your enrollment due to missing prerequisites. If you lack the prerequisites to enroll in the closed course on your request form, your request will be denied. For more information about the Math Department’s prerequisite policy, please see https://www.math.unl.edu/resources/undergraduate/mpe.

If you have additional questions about the above policy, please contact Doug Pellatz, the assigned advisor for Mathematics.

Procedure for Requesting Overrides for and Enrolling in Full or Closed Courses

  1. Fill out the online form on the next page after you have read all of the instructions and the above policy information. Make sure that you have provided all of the required information or your request may not be approved.
  1. Submissions will be received and reviewed by Doug Pellatz. You will also receive an email with the information that you entered on the online form to confirm that your request was submitted. A decision on your request will be made in 2 business days unless additional information is needed to either approve or deny your request.
  1. If approved, you will be given a permission code by email that will allow you to enroll in the closed course on MyRed. Using the permission code, enroll in the course on MyRed. Documentation about how to use permission codes and enroll in classes on MyRed is available here: https://www.unl.edu/about_myred/home.
  1. If denied, you will receive notification by email that provides an appropriate explanation.

You are solely responsible for enrolling in a course on MyRed if given permission. It is the Department of Mathematics' recommendation that you do not wait for your override request to be reviewed once submitted. You should continue to review possible course sections on MyRed as your fellow students will continue to add and drop courses which may result in open course sections that were previously closed.

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