Curriculum Vitae

Thomas S. Shores

April, 2018

Date of Birth: May 28, 1942


  Degree Year Institution
  B.S. (Mathematics) 1964 University of Kansas
  M.A. (Mathematics) 1965 University of Kansas
  Ph.D. (Mathematics) 1968 University of Kansas

Professional Experience:

  Teaching Assist., Math. 1965-67 University of Kansas
  Instructor, Math. 1967-68 University of Kansas
  Assist. Professor, Math. 1968-72 UNL
  Assoc. Professor, Math. 1972-76 UNL
  Professor, Math. 1976-2010 UNL
  Professor Emeritus, Math. 2010-present UNL
  Graduate Faculty Member & Fellow 1970 UNL
  Vice Chair, Mathematics & Statistics 1975-1980 UNL
  Acting Chair, Mathematics & Statistics 1981 (January-August) UNL
  Summer Chair, Mathematics & Statistics 1976-1980 UNL
  Visiting Professor of Mathematics 1985-1986 NCSU
  Interim Director, Actuarial Science 1986-1987 UNL
  Summer Chair, Mathematics & Statistics 1998 UNL

Research Interests: Group theory, ring theory, commutative algebra, mathematical modeling, general numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, numerical differential equations, Sinc methods, inverse theory.

Grants, Contracts, Fellowships, Leaves:

1985 Faculty Development Leave spent at North Carolina State University, Department of Mathematics, Academic Year.

1990 NSF ILI Grant ($51,000) for ``Implementation of an Advanced Laboratory for Mathematics Experimentation.''

1995 Faculty Development Leave spent in Lincoln, Spring Semester.

2002 Faculty Development Leave spent in Lincoln, Spring Semester.


Distinguished Teaching Award, UNL, 1981.

MAA Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1996.

Professional Society Memberships:

  1. SIAM
  2. American Mathametical Society
  3. Mathematical Association of America
Courses Taught (1993-2010):

  AY Fall Spring Summer
  1993-94 Math 208, 441 Math 314H, 208 Math 208
  1994-95 Math 942, 314 FDL  
  1995-96 Math 441, 957 Math 447,314 Math 314
  1996-97 Math 314, 423 Math 314, 221  
  1997-98 Math 106H,441, 942 Math 107H, 447  
  1998-99 Math 314, 447 Math 314, 405  
  1999-00 Math 208, 447 Math 314H, 942  
  2000-01 Math 107, 441 Math 208, 314H  
  2001-02 Math 107, 942 FDL  
  2002-03 Math 221H, 398, 842 Math 314H, 843 Math 896
  2003-04 Math 208H, 942 Math 208, 208  
  2004-05 Math 208H, 208 Math 340H, 433  
  2005-06 Math 208H, 208 Math 496, JDEP 384H  
  2006-07 Math 314, 447 Math 496, JDEP 384H  
  2007-08 Math 208H, 208 Math 221, 428  
  2008-09 Math 221H, 447 Math 441  

Independent Study, Reading Course Supervised (1993-2008):

  1. Numerical Analysis Seminar, for Kristin Pfabe, Kamel Al-Khaled, Jennifer Raschko, Paul Gierke and Iyad Abu-Jeib (1994-99).
  2. Directed senior thesis for James Yen entitled ``A biconjugation approach to rank reduction'' (1997).
  3. Co-directed senior thesis for Stephen Whalen entitled ``Stabilization of the wave equation'' (1998).
  4. Reading course for Iouliana Stadnikova in numerical linear algebra (1999).
  5. Reading course for Ned Hummel and Megan Sheets in multigrid methods (2001).
  6. Reading course for Ned Hummel in inverse theory (2002).
  7. Directed Masters Thesis for Ned Hummel entitled ``On multigrid methods and inverse problems'' (2002).
  8. Research experience reading course for Chandra Coleman and Joan Lubben in inverse theory (2003).
  9. Readings course jointly with Ashok Samal (CSCE) for Won Lee and Wenjin Zhou, both UCARE students, on level set methods for shape recognition and noise removal (2004).
  10. Readings course jointly with Ashok Samal (CSCE) for Qing Yang and Raghavendra Bemgal in diffusion methods and applicability to analysis of spatial data, particularly criminal data (2004-2005).
  11. Readings course for Ned Hummel in multigrid methods (2005).
  12. Seminar in Sinc theory (Numerical Analysis Seminar, Math 957) for Dan Buettner and Brian Bockelman (2005).
  13. Directing UCARE student Adam Nordloh in an inverse theory/mathematical biology project (2005-2006).


Ph.D. Students:

  Name Student Status
  Bonnie Hardy graduated 1976
  Frederick Call graduated 1979
  Jagannadham Pakala graduated 1979
  Kristin Pfabe graduated 1995
  Kamel Al-Khaled graduated 1996
  Jennifer Mueller graduated 1997
  Paul Gierke graduated 1999
  Iyad Abu-Jeib graduated 2000
  Ned Hummel graduate student
  Brian Bockelman graduated 2008

Doctoral Committee Memberships:

  Name Student Status
  Karl Byleen graduated 1974
  Bette Midgarden graduated 1978
  Brian Coomes graduated 1984
  Timothy Peil graduated 1990
  Axel Krings graduated 1993
  Michelle Homp graduated 1997
  Rikki Wagstrom graduated 1998
  Steven Lindblad graduated 2004
  Jiazheng Shi graduated 2005 CSCE
  Qing Yang current student, CSCE
  Bobbi Buchholz current student

Other Graduate Student Advisees:

  Name Student Status
  Paul Lawin inactive
  Neil Kerr inactive

Seminar Participation (1993-2010):

  1993-2002 Applied Math Seminar
  1993-1999 Numerical Analysis Seminar (MA 957)
  2001-2006 Mathematical Biology Seminar
  2005-2006 Numerical Analysis Seminar (MA 957)

Service Activities (1993-2010):


  1. Chair of Computer Committee, 1984-1998.
  2. Member of Curriculum Committee, 1984-2003.
  3. Member of Alumnus Relations Committee, 2003-2010.
  4. Chair of Web Advisory Committee, 1996-1998.
  5. Chair of Technology Advisory Committee, 1998-2010.
  6. Member of Graduate Advisory Committee, 2005-2010.
  7. Member of Degrees with Distinction Committee, 1998-2005.
  8. Supervised the reorganization of the math department lab network to a Windows NT network for Bessey 105, Summer 1998.
  9. Supervised the reorganization of the Nextstep side of the math department lab network to a Linux network, Summer 1999.
  10. Supervised the planning and execution, and participated in the execution, of the move of all our computer facilities from Oldfather Hall to Avery Hall, Spring and Summer 2004.


  1. Member of Integrated Sciences Committee, 1997-2000.
  2. Member of College Executive Committee, 2001-2005, Committee Chair 2004-2005.

Editorial, Refereeing and Reviewing Activities:

Referee for Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Canadian Journal of Mathematics Mathematica Japonicae, Applied Numerical Mathematics, Mathematica in Education, Inverse Problems in Engineering and CTAC 2004 Proceedings. Referee for NSF Proposal.

Talks Presented at Professional Meetings (1993-2010):

  1. ``One sided Jacobi algorithms and The SVD'', Midwest Numerical Analysis Conference, University of Iowa, April 1995.
  2. ``Stability of travelling waves in solute transport'', Numerical Analysis Days, University of Utah, July, 1995.
  3. ``Numerical methods for systems of two balance laws in one space dimension'', AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, January 1997.
  4. ``Some aspects of Sinc theory in solving inverse problems'', International Workshop on Nonlinear and Improperly Posed Problems, August 1998.
  5. ``An inverse coefficient problem for an integro-differential equation'', International Conference on Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems, Moscow State University, June 2001.
  6. ``An Inverse Coefficient Problem in Adsorption Models'', Colorado State University, May 2002.
  7. ``Numerical Methods for Parameter Identification in a One-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equation'', First International Converence on Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation, Fethiye, Turkey, July 2002.
  8. ``Some Applications of Sinc Methods to Parameter Identification Problems'', Fifth International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Sidney, Australia, July 2003.

Other Professional Meetings Attended (1993-2010):

  1. AMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 1995. Annual SIAM Meeting, Kansas City, 1996.
  2. AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, 1997.
  3. International Workshop on Nonlinear and Improperly Posed Problems, Izmit, Turkey, 1998.

Other Professional Activities (1993-2008):

  1. Math Computer Lab Manager, 1991-1995.
  2. Director of Math Lab, 1995-2008.
  3. Attended a TTT workshop and reported to the department in a colloquium with John Orr and Mel Thornton on multimedia in the classroom, November 1995.
  4. Presented paper ``New directions in technology in the classroom'' at Koeceli University, Izmit, Turkey, June 1997.
  5. Served on Programme Committee for International Workshop on Nonlinear and Improperly Posed Problems, 1998.


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