Somewhere on Earth (or Io?)

Shores on shores,
Lake McConaughy,
somewhere near
Ogallala, Nebraska.

Home Page for
Thomas S. Shores

Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588-0130
Office: 212 Avery Hall
FAX Ph: 402-472-8466

Some links that I find interesting and/or useful:

  1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Home Page
  2. UNL Department of Mathematics Home Page
  3. SIAM Home Page
  4. Maple Home Page
  5. Mathematica Home Page
  6. Matlab Home Page
  7. LyX Home Page
  8. Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  9. The Mathematics Genealogy Project
  10. Octave Home Page
  11. GNU Octave Repository
  12. SourceForge: Welcome
  13. Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
  14. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
  15. Frank Stenger's Home Page
  16. Albert Tarantola's Home Page

Odds and Ends:

  • UNL graduate students: There is a terrific front end for the document mark up language Latex, called LyX. It's free, easy to use, produces beautiful documents, is particularly good with symbols and technical writing, and runs under Linux, Mac and Windows. A former UNL graduate student, Ned Hummel, wrote a nice class file for use with Latex that conforms with UNL writing standards. However, in order to interface this style file with LyX, you need a layout file which I have written. If your interested, grab a copy of the zip file , unzip it and follow the Windows or Linux instructions therein.

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