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A website on String Theory.

The preprint archive from the IMS at SUNY Stony Brook.

Dick Palais' program 3D-Filmstrip at Brandeis.

A page about wallpaper groups, at Clark Univ.

A History of Mathematics page, maintained by David Joyce at Clark U.

A page devoted to illustrations and explanations of polyhedral solids is maintained by Tom Gettys. There is also a hyperbolic tesselations page there.

Topology E-prints at the University of Florida, with some links to conference announcements.

The British Topology Home Page.

An ftp site containing TeX and dvi files of lectures from the 1992 Park City, Utah Mathematics Institute.

Information on algebraic topology at Lehigh.

A searchable database of mathematics books published by several academic publishers.

Notes from a course on geometric group theory, by Pierre de la Harpe.

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