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Most mathematics department web servers can be found on this list at Penn State University. Of particular use are their sublists of US departments and journals with Web pages.

Another list of web servers is kept at Florida State

The Geometry Center of course has a great deal of interest to the low-dimensional topologist, such as Jeff Weeks' SnapPea program. Note that a more complete port to the NeXT was done by Joe Christy.

MSRI has its preprint archive as well as an index of its most recent MSRI preprints. Many of the latter are available for downloading.

The NSF allows you to search by keyword for basic information on grants past. present, and future. You can also download documents to help you prepare your grant proposal, and find out closing dates.

The Geometry and Topology Address Book has its own page at the University of Florida.

Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS.

A new electronic journal entitled Geometry and Topology has been inaugurated at the University of Warwick. Here is the announcement that appeared in sci.math.research newsgroup.

A site in France has scans of the contents pages pages for about 300 journals that you can view. About the only use I can see for it is for grabbing scans of journals that your own papers have appeared in, but maybe I'm just being unimaginative?

MathSciNet; you can access it if your institution has paid the appropriate fee.

The Zentralblatt fur Mathematik is available on-line; for institutions not paying the appropriate fee, every search produces at most three entries.

The SciSearch Database is a massively cross-indexed database of articles from 1985 to the present. The service is only available, however, in New Mexico. Try it though, and let me know if this is really true!

Rob Kirby has produced an updated version of his problem list, available by anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/Preprints/Rob_Kirby/Problems/ . It is 377 pages long, a 4.2 meg Postscript file. 1137 bibliographic entries! You will probably need to send it to a printer with the command lpr -s so as not to overload its memory.

An online encyclopedia of mathematics, at Caltech.

It doesn't really belong here, but I couldn't resist a link to this huge list of links to pages containing grant and fellowship information. I found it while linking the Sloan Foundation to my vita.

The Topology Atlas is hosting a web-based course in topology, including lecture notes and solved problems for a course in undergraduate topology.

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