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MSRI has made available, as streaming video, many of the talks that took place at MSRI in the last few years, including the recent KirbyFest. You will need a copy of RealPlayer (if you don't already have one) in order to watch the video; the accompanying slides are much more low-tech.

Matt Brin has written some notes on Seifert-fibered 3-manifolds.

I have written some notes (just under 100 pages) on foliations of 3-manifolds. They can be downloaded either as a (400K) Dvi file or as a (640K) Postscript file. Unfortunately, these files do not contain the figures, which can make them very hard to read, especially towards the end. Write and I'll send you the firgures.

I am in the process of putting together a WWW page on the Poincare conjecture, based on a talk I gave at NMSU on the subject. You can go take a look at what I've put into it so far. One of these days I'll finish it!

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi has posted his notes from the talks at the 1997 Georgia Topology Conference, as jpeg files.

Craig Hodgson and Jeff Weeks have a paper on length spectra at the Geometry Center.

A paper by John Neil on Witten invariants for 3-manifolds, at Portland State.

X. S. Lin's preprint archive, at Columbia U.

A paper on Nielsen numbers for 3-manifolds, in the electronic version of the Topology Proceedings.

A page on computer simulations of curvature flow, towards understanding Thurston's geometrization conjecture.

A java-enabled page implementing curve straightening by curvature flow.

A page about Poul Heegaard, maintained by Hans Munkholm.

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi has put his notes from talks at a meeting on laminations in 3-manifolds, at Nara Women's University, on the web.

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