Pi Mu Epsilon Gallery

Inductions 2017 (November 1st)

PME Inductions 2017

Left to Right: in the back Ileana Streinu (PME lecturer), Micah Holmes, Jared Ott, Lawrence Seminario-Romero (PME chapter president), Dereck Chew, Xuehua (Diana) Zhong (PME chapter vice-president), Alexandra Seceleanu (PME faculty advisor). In the front row: Zoe Fu, Claire Kamas, Carolyn Davis, Nora Breen.

Inductions 2016 (October 7)

PME Inductions 2016

Left to Right: Olivia Thiel, Zach Warneke, Claire Henrichsen, Rebecca Sorsen, David Saltman (PME Lecturer), Michael Pieper, Daniel Toundykov (faculty adviser), Cashous Bortner (Chapter President), Li Wang, Don Nguyen, Lawrence Seminario-Romero, Samuel Carrasco, Simon Deng, Collin Victor, Xuehua Zhong

In the front, on the left: an Enigma machine.

Inductions 2015 (September 25)

PME Inductions 2015
Left to Right: Aaron Calderon (Chapter president), Jared Gaston (inductee), Jonathan Wang (inductee) Abigail Hall (inductee), Tim Rolling (inductee), Daniel Toundykov (faculty adviser), Eric Eitzman (inductee), Michael Dorff (PME Lecturer), Cashous Bortner (Chapter vice president), Muhammad Hazmi Mohd Ramli (inductee), Edwin Schooler (inductee), Alexandra Seceleanu (faculty adviser).

Inductions 2014 (October 10)

PME Inductions 2014
Left to Right: Emma Reid (Chapter President), Adam Fuller (faculty adviser), Colin Adams (2014 PME Lecturer), Kyle Kettler (Inductee), Emma Schneider (Inductee), Daniel Toundykov (faculty adviser), Aaron Calderon (Chapter Treasurer), Cashous Bortner (Inductee), Joseph Becker (Chapter Vice-President), Alexandra Seceleanu (faculty adviser).
PME Inductions 2014
Left to Right: Alexandra Seceleanu (faculty adviser), Daniel Toundykov (faculty adviser), Adam Fuller (faculty adviser), Coin Adams (2014 PME Lecturer), Cashous Bortner (Inductee), Caleb Mayfield (Inductee), Aaron Calderon (Chapter Treasurer) Joseph Becker (Chapter Vice-President)