Spring 2019

Thursday-Monday, January 24-28: The COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Math Club will organize training sessions for these contests for interested students.

Friday - Sunday, January 25-27: The 21st annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

Participate in this conference for an opportunity to meet outstanding women undergraduates who share your interest in the mathematical sciences. Many of the undergraduate participants, who have already done research, will present their results.

Thursday, January 31, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: How to land the perfect job
Kristen Aldrich and Megan Savage, two career coaches from the UNL career services center, will offer tips and answer questions on searching for employment, navigating career fairs and job interviews.
Thursday, March 14, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: The Math Behind Gerrymandering - The Efficiency Gap

Presentation by professor Steven Dunbar

Gerrymandering is the age-old practice of manipulating voting districts for partisan gain. Recently there has been a surge of interest in using mathematics to detect and study gerrymandering. In fact, this topic is currently a combination of law, political science, politics and mathematics.

This talk will focus on a particular aspect of the mathematics behind the study of gerrymandering, namely the efficiency gap. This is an algebraic formula which appeared in arguments before the Supreme Court last October. Prerequisites for this talk are at the level of calculus and elementary algebra.

Thursday, March 28, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: Course Preview for Fall 2019

Come find out about upper level math classes for the Fall 2019 semester from the instructors teaching these classes.

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