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This is Jake Kettinger.

Office: 326 Avery Hall, Email: jkettinger@huskers.unl.edu, Mailbox: idk
Office Hours: idk. You can view my schedule here.
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Welcome to my web page! My name is Jake Kettinger and I'm a FIFTH year graduate student at the math department at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I'm interested in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Topology/Geometry. Right now I'm doing research on Halphen pencils and elliptic fibrations with Brian Harbourne (my advisor), and running a reading course on Classical Algebraic Geometry. I also highly recommend William Fulton's Algebraic Curves. I'm also teaching Math 302 here at UNL.

Here is the CARS Website, which I manage this semester.

Here are the classes I've taken.

Here are the classes I've taught since starting at UNL.

I like hiking, board games, birds, and math (and apparently now I like making internet pages!). I also like linguistics, ecology, and paleontology but those those aren't my job. My best friends include Allison, Alyssa, Alyssa, Ana, Austin, Catherine, Dylan, Frank, Hayley, Jennifer, Leilani, Matt, Michael, Michelle, Nikki (photocreds), and Sally.

I tend to use Overleaf for LaTeX stuff, which I like so I'll slap down a link. I also like using Evan's Finite State Machine Designer for making diagrams, which Jennifer showed me how to use. Austin also likes the Ipe extensible drawing editor for making EXTREMELY professional-grade drawings and diagrams (hopefully your computer is not allergic to it like mine is!) Also here's a helpful link to the arXiv.

Here's my CV™.

Here's a list of papers I've (co)authored.

Here's a page of talks I've given.

Here are some of the problems I'm working on now (feel free to collab with me!)

These are VERY important documents!

Here is a list of some of my favorite math books (with pdfs!) (Under contruction)

Here are some birds I like.

Here is a list of my favorite webcomic:

Here's a game I made.