Austin Eide

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Office: AVH 326


I am a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying probablistic combinatorics. My advisor is Xavier Pérez Giménez.

I received an M.A. in Mathematics from UNL in 2019 and a B.A. from Colorado College in 2016. A copy of my CV is here.


I'm the co-founder and co-organizer (with Matthew Bachmann) of the UNL Directed Reading Program.

I have also participated in speaking and support roles for the Great Plains Alliance, a program which sends UNL grad students to give talks at nearby institutions.

Talks & Presentations

  • Spectral theory of finite Markov chains (UNL STAARS Seminar, Spring 2020)
  • The Differential Equations Method, 1 & 2 (UNL STAARS Seminar, Spring 2020)
  • Encoding arguments (UNL Discrete Seminar, Fall 2019)
  • An introduction to determinantal point processes (UNL STAARS Seminar, Fall 2019)
  • Card shuffling and Markov chains (UNL Discrete Seminar, Spring 2019)
  • The mathematics of gerrymandering (Great Plains Alliance talk, Drake University, Fall 2018)
  • Sampling and graph problems in redistricting (UNL Discrete Seminar, Fall 2018)


For the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters, I'm the TA for MATH 435 - Math in the City, a capstone course for math majors in which students complete group research projects in a particular (usually applied) topic. This year, the topic is gerrymandering. Last semester, I mentored a group of 4 students who completed a code-based project which used MCMC methods to sample districting plans on a generalized U.S. state. You can read more about our course from Fall 2019 in this Lincoln Journal Star piece.
  • MATH 435 - Math in the City (TA, Fall 2019 & Spring 2020)
  • MATH 106 - Calculus I (TA, Fall 2020)
  • MATH 101 - College Algebra (Instructor, Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)
  • MATH 107 - Calculus II (TA, Fall 2017 & Spring 2018)

Misc. Work

Other Interests

I like bikepacking, bouldering, and driving around the country in my van.