The Mathematics Department offers three online math courses each fall, spring, and summer. We recommend teachers limit themselves to taking one online course per fall or spring semester.

In-person courses are also offered in the summer semesters, in various locations across Nebraska. Both Nebraska and out-of-state teachers are welcome to attend. Summer courses also are listed each year as part of the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes schedule. Teachers may take up to four summer courses, either a combination of online and in-person or all in-person. Teachers can begin taking courses during any term (fall, spring, or summer).

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Upcoming Online Schedule

Summer 2020 more choicesFall 2020Spring 2021Summer 2021
Math 800T Math 808T Math 804T Math 802T
Math 807T Math 811T Math 812T Math 806T
Math 896: Computational Thinking Math 816T Math, new course TBD STAT 812T
TEAC 800 TEAC 801 TEAC 807C: Equitable Practices in Mathematics Education: Mathematics Classroom Discourse TEAC TBD
TEAC 801 TEAC 861

General Future Online Schedule

In the table below, odd years means the course will be offered in 2021, 2023, etc. and even years are 2020, 2022, etc. TEAC 800 and 801 are generally offered every semester as online courses; the sections tend to fill up quickly. TEAC 880E may be offered in some summer semesters online as well.

Note: most online courses are NOT self-paced, and have assignments due throughout the semester.

Fall AlternatingSpring AlternatingSummer Alternating
Math 807T (odd years) Math 804T (odd years) Math 802T (odd years)
Math 810T (odd years) Math 812T (odd years) Math 806T (odd years)
Math, new course TBD (odd years) Math, new course TBD (odd years) STAT 812T (odd years)
Math 808T (even years) Math 805T (even years) Math 800T (even years)
Math 811T (even years) Math 814T (even years) Math 807T (even years)
Math 816T (even years) Math 896: Aid in Problem Solving (even years) Math 896: Computational Thinking (even years)