National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling

From Anne-Marie Hunter of University College Cork:

I spent summer 1999 in Hartford, Connecticut on a J1 visa working on the Virtual Cell project in the University of Connecticut Health Center. This project is in the process of developing mathematical models of calcium waves traveling through brain cells and transforming these models into computer programs that biologists can use. I investigated the numerics of three of these models and really enjoyed it. Despite the fact that I had very little previous biological training I was accepted into the program and I recieved approximately $3000 for the eight weeks I spent there. There are two summer internships evey year and they accept international students and also graduate students. My work was overseen by two people but essentially I had a lot of freedom and it was an excellent oppertunity to work in a research department.The main disadvantages were that accomodation was very hard to find and there is very little to do in Hartford (when I was there, there wasn't even a cinema but one is supposed to have appeared since!) I would strongly recommend this program to anybody who has an interest in biomathematics.