Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

From Jackie Anderson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

I went to Budapest in the spring of my sophomore year (1999). Budapest is a really awesome place to be. If you're interested in studying abroad, Eastern Europe, in general, is a cool place to live and visit. Prague is an 8 hour train ride from Budapest. Greece is a short flight away (it might even be safe to take a train there now but probably not). Italy's maybe a 16 hours away, and Vienna is only maybe 3 hours away so you're near really cool places to visit.

Also, it is really inexpensive to live in Budapest. Even the tuition for the program isn't that much. Compared to UNL, the tuition was significantly higher, but that isn't true for private schools or many other state schools. For people from those schools, it was significantly cheaper to pay the BSM tuition.

The wide variety of courses mean there is something for just about anyone - someone who's had as little as just calculus and linear algebra or someone who's had most of the standard courses and then some.

The program usually has about a 50-50 distribution of men and women. There were about 35 participants when I was there. Last I heard, they couldn't handle more than 50 participants per semester. With that many people, though, you can definitely find people to travel with and stuff...

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in studying abroad!