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Karen Uhlenbeck (University of Texas) delivering her plenary address on "Solitons: Where applied math meets algebra and geometry".

Suzanne Lenhart (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratories) delivering her plenary address on "Applications of Optimal Control to Various Population Models". Dr. Lenhart is the President-elect for the Association for Women in Mathematics.

"Is graduate school right for you?" panelists: Susan Hermiller (UNL, Moderator), Julia Brainin (CUNY Graduate Center), Karen Uhlenbeck (University of Texas), Julie Berg (UNL), and Karl Kattchee (UNL).

Fumei Lam (University of California, Berkeley) giving her talk "Forcing Numbers of Several Planar Graphs."

Judy Walker (UNL) directing the beginning of the conference.

Kim Schneider (Bowdoin College) giving her talk "Igusa Local Zeta Function of Elliptic Curves."

Conference participants are bundled up and ready to go to lunch at Valentino's.

A large group of participants hang around after the last talk.

Kate Rendall (St. Norbert College) giving her talk "Rado Numbers for X Y C = Z."

Jackie Kohles (UNL) giving her talk "Partitions which are Simultaneously t1- and t2-Core."

Everilis Santana-Vega (University of Puerto Rico - Humacao) giving her talk "Cycle Decomposition of Monomials Given by Permutations."

Monica Castro-Simmons (University of Puerto Rico - Humacao) giving her talk "Bi-Symmetric Invariants."

Michelle Bylund (Brigham Young University) giving her talk "Random Sperner Systems."

Anne-Marie Hunter (University College Cork) giving her talk "The Virtual Cell."

Lisa Orlandi-Korner (UNL) at the panel "Choosing a Graduate School."

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