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19th Annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics | February 3-5, 2017

The 19th Annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (NCUWM) will be held February 3-5, 2017. The Conference is open to outstanding undergraduate women mathematicians at all stages of their careers. Students will have the opportunity to meet other women who share their interest in the mathematical sciences, and those who already have done research will be given an opportunity to present their results.

NCUWM's overall goal is to arm participants with knowledge, self-confidence and a network of peers to help them become successful mathematicians. We do this by providing role models, insider knowledge and an opportunity to present original research. Our focus is to encourage and mentor undergraduate women to pursue graduate study in mathematics and seek mathematical careers. Conference participants also will have a chance to learn about life in graduate school from the perspective of current women graduate students representing math departments from across the country.

Although we do not regard this conference as an appropriate venue for faculty representatives to recruit applicants for their graduate programs, we would like to encourage departments to contact us about sponsoring women graduate students from their programs at the conference.

NCUWM welcomes undergraduate women who are interested in mathematics without regard for race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, or disability.

The University of Nebraska's message on inclusivity

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ami RadunskayaProfessor of MathematicsPomona College, Claremont, CA

Dr. Brooke ShipleyProfessor and Head of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer ScienceUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Invited Guests

Dr. Syvillia AverettAssistant Professor of MathematicsCollege of Coastal Georgia

Dr. Selenne BanuelosAssistant Professor of MathematicsCalifornia State University, Channel Islands

Tracy BohabojCertification Project CoordinatorDuncan Aviation, Lincoln, NE

Dr. Courtney GibbonsAssistant Professor of MathematicsHamilton College, Clinton, NY

Alyssa GottshallApplied Research MathematicianNational Security Agency

Dr. Thomas IveyProgram DirectorNational Science Foundation

Dr. Sarah PowersResearch, Computer Science and Mathematics DivisionOak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Sarah ReznikoffAssistant Professor of MathematicsKansas State University

Gail TowneSVP AML Data and AnalyticsBank of the West

Application, Selection and Policies

We thank you for your interest in attending NCUWM. Due to demand, the former first-come, first-served registration system no longer meets our needs. We are making a change to an application system that maximizes the positive impact of the conference, while respecting those communities that have allowed us to build it into a national institution. The change will be implemented in two stages, with this interim policy for 2017 and a long-term policy to be used for future conferences, which will be determined after analyzing feedback from the 2017 conference.

Students interested in attending the 2017 conference must complete an application between October 4 and October 11, 2016. No new applications will be accepted after October 11. Please note that the registration fee is now $50 per person, for both students and faculty, to be paid by students once they are notified of acceptance. Selection of participants will be done according to the following policies:

  1. Attendees must be at least of sophomore standing and 19 years of age at the time of the conference. Beginning in 2018, individual students will be limited to one conference attendance as a non-presenter and two attendances in total.
  2. Each home institution will be limited to a maximum of four participants.
  3. Abstracts will be read by the organizing committee, which will select 48 for talks and as many for posters as can be accommodated. Preference will be given to original research, loosely defined as work that includes some mathematical results obtained by the student, possibly with collaborators. Applicants whose abstracts are selected for either a talk or a poster are presenters; all other student applicants are non-presenters.
  4. Selection of abstracts will be done primarily on merit, except that each home institution will be limited to a maximum of three talks and a total of four presenters.
  5. Students chosen as presenters will be accepted to the conference, provided they complete their registration (by paying the registration fee) by the given deadline.
  6. Non-presenters will be selected by institution rather than individual. If an institution has more applicants than the number of slots it is given, the students’ advisor(s) will be asked to select the students to represent their school. Students will identify an advisor in the application. If more than one professor from an institution is identified, every person named as an advisor at that school by its students will get the same email saying how many spots the school has to allocate and naming the specific students who have applied. Once the organizing committee has been given the selected names, we will issue instructions for completing their registration to the selected students.
  7. The top priority in selection of non-presenters will be to accept at least one student from each home institution (with presenters included in the count).
  8. The second priority in selection of non-presenters will be to accept a second student (counting presenters) from each home institution.
  9. If there is still space available, additional non-presenters will be selected through a lottery, subject to policies 2 and 6.

All students should anticipate being notified of their status by October 27, 2016.

These policies were crafted to fit a wide range of institutional situations, but nobody can anticipate all possibilities. If you believe that your situation is sufficiently unusual that it warrants special consideration, please have your faculty advisor contact Glenn Ledder, NCUWM Chair, at


Conference activities on Friday will occur on the university’s city campus and on Saturday and Sunday at the Embassy Suites Lincoln Downtown Hotel (1040 P Street, 402-474-1111), a short walk in downtown Lincoln.

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