Math Placement Exam

Students who intend to register for their first math course at UNL must take the Math Placement Exam, which is available online. New students take the Math Placement Exam, even if they think they will be registering only for advanced math courses, to prove that they are prepared to succeed in those courses.

In order to register for any math course numbered 100A—107, students must satisfy both the prerequisite requirement and a readiness requirement.

  1. The prerequisite requirement is satisfied by passing the prerequisite course(s) in high school or college with a grade of 'P' (pass) or 'C' or better. If the prerequisite was taken more than once, the most recent grade is the applicable one.
  2. The readiness requirement is satisfied in one of the following three ways:
    • Having a qualifying score* on the Math Placement Exam that is dated after October 1 of the previous year when registering for the Summer or Fall semesters; and dated after March 1 of the previous year when registering for the Spring semester.
    • Having completed with a C, P or better or are currently taking the prerequisite at UNL.
    • Having a grade of D-, D, D+, or C- at UNL in the course in which your plan to register.

* This exam covers Algebra and Pre-calculus material only. So the qualifying score for Calculus II (Math 107) is the same as for Calculus I (Math 106).

Students who register for a course for which they are not qualified under this policy will be dropped from the course.

Preparing for the MPE

There is a practice exam available online.  You should try the practice exam before you take the MPE and you should review any topics that went poorly on the practice exam.  This is particularly important if you are not taking a math course currently.

Practice Math Placement Exam

All students are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts across their time at UNL. You may only make one attempt each day. If you feel your initial placement is not accurate, you should do significant review and practice before your subsequent attempts. More detailed review advice is on the practice exam webpage.

Taking the MPE

We want you to be placed into the right course, so you can succeed.  Do not get help from another person or use any outside aids, besides a calculator or graphing calculator.  If you end up in an inappropriate course, it will delay your progress and waste your tuition money.  Please take this exam honestly and as directed.

Math Placement Exam

Before you take the math placement exam, remember that you should have some scratch paper handy and that you can use a graphing calculator, if you want to. You should not use any calculator that can do symbolic algebra.

Your math placement will be determined after you take the test, and within 24 hours, MyRED will allow you to register for the courses you qualify for.


If you have any questions, contact Doug Pellatz.