UNL Groups-Semigroups-Topology Seminar

Note: This page will no longer being maintained (after some time in 2023), because UNL will be "decommissioning" the www.math.unl.edu website. The current GST website is on github at this link.
The GST seminar this semester is held at 4:00-5:00 pm on Tuesdays, in hybrid mode both on Zoom and in Avery 351.

Fall 2023:

12/5/23 Nick Meyer, TBA
11/28/23 Ying Hu, U. Nebraska - Omaha, TBA
11/21/23 Ellyn Collier, TBA
11/14/23 Susan Hermiller, TBA
11/7/23 Audrey Goodnight, TBA
10/31/23 Sam Lewis-Monkman, TBA
10/24/23 Aurora DeBellevue, TBA
10/10/23 Eric Rawdon, U. St. Thomas, TBA
10/3/23 Gabe Islambouli, U. California - Davis, TBA
9/26/23 Kaitlin Tademy, TBA
9/19/23 Kathryn Van Etten/Petra Vanderhei/Roman Aranda Cuevas TBA
9/12/12 Kathryn Van Etten/Petra Vanderhei/Roman Aranda Cuevas TBA
9/5/23 Kathryn Van Etten/Petra Vanderhei/Roman Aranda Cuevas TBA
8/29/23 Roman Aranda Cuevas, TBA
8/22/23 Organizational meeting

Previous Semesters:

Spring 2023:

5/9/23 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Stacky groups
5/2/23 Sam Monkman, UNL, Sticky knots
4/27/23 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Prefix-rewriting: The Falsification by Fellow Traveler Property and practical computations
4/25/23 Ana Wright, UNL, Gordian distance and complete Alexander neighbors
4/18/23 Liam Kahmeyer, Kansas State U., A homotopy invariant of image simple fold maps to oriented surfaces
4/13/23 Andrew Quaisley, UNL, Intrinsic tame filling functions and other refinements of diameter functions
4/11/23 Kaitlyn Tademy, UNL, Virtual unknotting numbers of certain virtual torus knots: a little summary
4/4/23 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, The Adian-Rabin theorem
3/28/23 Nick Meyer, UNL, Group deficiency from a 4-manifolds perspective
3/21/23 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, A quick introduction to group deficiency
3/7/23 Mark Brittenham, UNL, A brief, incomplete, and biased history of computation in knot theory
2/28/23 Audrey Goodnight, UNL, Computation of Stallings automata
2/21/23 Canceled
2/14/23 Alex Zupan, UNL, Bounding the ribbon number of a knot
2/7/23 Organizational meeting
1/31/23 Charlie Frohman, U. Iowa, Geometric structures and the Kauffman bracket
1/24/23 Carolyn Otto, U. Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Moves relating C-complexes: A correction to Cimasoni's "A geometric construction of the Conway potential function"

Fall 2022:

11/29/22 GGT and LDT resources on the web
11/22/22 Audrey Goodnight, UNL, Geometry of the braid group
11/15/22 Ana Wright, UNL, Gordian distance and complete Alexander neighbors
11/1/22 Corentin Bodart, U. Geneva, Switzerland, Groups without regular normal forms
10/25/22 Petra Vanderhei, UNL, Conjugacy growth series in right-angled Artin groups
10/11/22 Kaitlin Tademy, UNL, A friendly introduction to virtual knot theory
10/4/22 Collin Bleak, U. St. Andrews, UK, 3/2's generation for Thompson-esque groups
9/27/22 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Thompson's group F
9/20/22 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Finding rewriting systems
9/13/22 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, Generalizations of automaticity
9/6/22 Nick Meyer, UNL, The Casson-Gordon signature invariant and sliceness obstructions
8/30/22 Mark Brittenham, UNL, A concise characterization of knot group quotients
8/23/22 Organizational meeting

Previous Semesters:

Spring 2022:

5/3/22 Jeff Meier, Western Washington U., Trisecting surfaces in the four-ball
Focus partial semester on ends
4/26/22 Ana Wright and Petra Vanderhei, UNL, End spaces and compact closures
4/19/22 Amanda Mallott and Nick Meyer, UNL, On the ends of a surface
4/12/22 Alex Zupan, UNL, Seifert solids for knotted surfaces
4/5/22 David McCune, William Jewell C., An introduction to automaton groups
Focus partial semester on topology and society (local talks)
3/29/22 Kaitlin Tademy, UNL, What we can learn about affective computing using topological data analysis
3/24/22 Sarah Rees, U. Newcastle, UK, Rewriting in Artin groups
3/8/22 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Voting and arbitration in topological spaces
3/1/22 Ashley Johnson, U. North Alabama, A look at differences and similarities between the groups F and Fτ
2/22/22 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Topology and sensor(y) networks
Focus partial semester on 3-manifolds and 3-manifold groups
2/15/22 Susan Hermiller, UNL, The homeomorphism problem for 3-manifolds
2/8/22 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, Three-manifold groups and more decision problems
2/1/22 Nick Meyer, UNL, A quest for residual finiteness: Geometrization and the word problem for 3-manifolds
1/25/22 Audrey Goodnight, UNL, An introduction to solvable problems for 3-manifolds
1/18/22 Organizational meeting

Fall 2021:

12/7/21 Ying Hu, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Slope detection and toroidal 3-manifolds
11/30/21 Reuben Kaufman, UNL, Virtual multicrossings of knots
11/23/21 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Results on Goeritz groups and Farey trisections
11/16/21 Thomas Kindred, Wake Forest U., The flyping theorem and geography problem for alternating links in thickened surfaces
11/9/21 Aurora Marks, UNL, Stable HNN extensions of automatic groups
11/2/21 Robert Todd, Mount Mercy U., Alexander polynomials for virtual knots
10/26/21 Nick Meyer, UNL, Maps from 3-manifolds to 4-manifolds that induce isomorphism on fundamental groups (Part 2)
10/12/21 Ana Wright, UNL, Maps from 3-manifolds to 4-manifolds that induce isomorphism on fundamental groups (Part 1)
10/5/21 Tim Susse, Bard C. Simon's Rock, When is a RACG QI to a RAAG?
9/28/21 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, Introduction to acylindrically hyperbolic groups
9/21/21 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Unknotting operations: conjectures and algebraic analogues
9/14/21 Ash DeClerk, UNL, A procedure for finding autostackable structures
9/7/21 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Conjugacy growth in finitely generated groups
8/31/21 Alex Zupan, UNL, Tri-plane diagrams and the normal Euler number of a knotted surface
8/24/21 Organizational meeting

Spring 2021:

4/27/21 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Goeritz groups of Heegaard splittings
4/20/21 Jen Taback, Bowdoin C., Conjugation curvature in solvable Baumslag-Solitar group
Focus half semester on knot groups
4/13/21 Thomas Kindred, UNL, Stallings' fibration theorem
4/6/21 Ying Hu, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Property (D) of knot groups and non-left-orderable Dehn fillings
3/30/21 Vince Longo, UNL, Unsolvable problems about higher dimensional knots and related groups
3/23/21 Aurora Marks, UNL, Knot and link groups are CAT(0)
3/16/21 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Finite convergent rewriting systems for alternating knot groups
3/9/21 Kathryn Van Etten, UNL, The Alexander polynomial and knot groups
3/2/21 Ana Wright, UNL, Knot groups and colorability
2/23/21 Caitlyn Leverson, Bard C., Lagrangian realizations of ribbon cobordisms
2/16/21 Murray Elder, U. Technology Sydney, Some new kinds of automatic groups
2/9/21 Diana Davis, Phillips Exeter Academy, Billiards on regular polygons
2/2/21 Alex Zupan, UNL, Hexagonal lattice diagrams for complex curves in CP^2
1/26/21 Organizational meeting

Fall 2020:

11/17/20 Yago Antolin, U. Complutense de Madrid/ICMAT, Geometry and complexity of positive cones
11/10/20 Marion Campisi, San Jose State U., Distortion and the bridge distance of knots
11/3/20 Vince Longo, UNL, An infinite family of counterexamples to Batson's conjecture
10/27/20 Nick Meyer, UNL, Heegaard splittings and trisections 101: A crash course in manifold decompositions in dimensions three and four
10/20/20 Robert Huben, UNL, Reductions of ordered groups
10/13/20 Ana Wright, UNL, Alexander polynomials and Gordian distance
10/13/20 Thomas Kindred, UNL, Essence of a spanning surface
10/6/20 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Falsification by fellow traveler property and autostackability
9/29/20 Aurora Marks, UNL, Automatic groups and coset automatic structures
9/22/20 Seungwon Kim, Ctr. Geometry and Physics, Inst. Basic Sciences, South Korea, Concordance invariants and Turaev genus
9/15/20 Josh Howie, U. California Davis, Alternating genera of torus knots
9/8/20 Puttipong Pongtanapaisan, U. Iowa, Keen weakly reducible bridge spheres
9/1/20 Thomas Kindred, UNL, A geometric proof of the flyping theorem
8/25/20 Organizational meeting

Spring 2020:

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cessation of in-person class activities at UNL, all GST seminars for Spring 2020 after March 13 have been canceled.
3/10/20 Aurora Marks, UNL, A deeper exploration into autostackable groups
3/3/20 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Solving the word problem with a finite state machine
2/25/20 Roman Aranda, U. Iowa, Diagrams of $\star$-trisections
2/18/20 Ana Wright, UNL, Efficient computation of the Kauffman bracket
2/11/20 Margaret Doig, Creighton U., Explorations of the normal behavior of knot and link invariants
2/4/20 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Finitely generating the genus 2 Goeritz group
1/28/20 Robert Huben, UNL, Do non-amenable groups contain a copy of F_2?
1/21/20 Alex Zupan, UNL, Trip report
1/14/20 Organizational meeting

Fall 2019:

12/10/19 Ying Hu, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Thurston's universal circle and left-orderability of 3 manifold groups
11/26/19 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Standardizing Some Genus 3 Trisections
11/19/19 Robert Huben, UNL, Amenable groups
11/12/19 Jason Joseph, U. Georgia, 0-concordance of knotted surfaces and Alexander ideals
Focus half semester on ordered groups and topology
11/5/19 Ana Wright, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 6
10/29/19 Marla Williams, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 5
10/15/19 Nick Meyer, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 4
10/8/19 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Orders on free groups
10/1/19 Aurora Marks, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 3
9/24/19 Andrew Hayes, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 2
9/17/19 Marla Williams, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 1
9/10/19 Greg Faurot, UNL, Ordered groups and topology, Ch. 1
9/3/19 Zhengpan Wang, Southwest U. Chongqing, China,
8/27/19 Organizational meeting

Spring/Summer 2019:

5/7/19 Conchita Martinez-Perez, U. Zaragoza, Polyfreeness of even Artin groups of FC-type
4/23/19 Thomas Kindred, UNL, Crosscap numbers of alternating knots via unknotting splices
4/16/19 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Diagram groups
4/9/19 Ben Steinberg, CCNY and CUNY Graduate Center, Homological finiteness properties for one-relator monoids and related monoids
4/2/19 Andrew Hayes, UNL, Comparing diameter functions and tame filling functions
3/26/19 Vince Longo, UNL, Unknotting numbers of surface knots
3/12/19 Adam Levine, Duke U., Simply-connected, spineless 4-manifolds
3/5/19 Aurora Marks, UNL, Gilman's conjecture
2/26/19 Maggie Miller, Princeton U., Fibering 4-manifolds over S^1
2/19/19 Marla Williams, UNL, Minimal genus trisections of surface bundles over surfaces
2/12/19 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Geometries and geometrization of 3-manifolds
2/5/19 John Meakin, UNL, Inverse monoids and immersions of cell complexes
1/29/19, John Meakin, UNL, Graph immersions, inverse monoids and deck transformations
1/23/19 Nick Owad, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, Snails, random straight links, and volume
1/15/19 Alex Zupan, UNL, The smooth 4-dimensional Poincare conjecture
1/8/19 Organizational meeting

Fall 2018:

12/4/18 Margaret Doig, Creighton U., A (mostly) combinatorial proof of the homology cobordism classification of lens spaces
Focus third of a semester on CAT(0) groups and spaces
11/27/18 Aurora Marks, UNL, The conjugacy problem for CAT(0) groups
11/13/18 Alyssa Seideman and Ana Wright, UNL, CAT(0) Cube Complexes: Intro, Construction, and Group Actions
11/6/18 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Groups acting on CAT(0) cube complexes are biautomatic
10/30/18 Andrew Hayes, UNL, Groups acting (nicely) on CAT(0) spaces have solvable word problem
10/23/18 Ying Hu, U. Nebraska - Omaha, From taut foliations to the left-orderability of 3 manifold groups
10/9/18 Tim Susse, Bard College at Simon's Rock, Properties of the automorphism groups of graph products
10/2/18 Jesse Moeller, UNL, The size of the curve complex
9/25/18 Juanita Pinzon-Caicedo, North Carolina State U., Operations of infinite rank in concordance
9/20/18 Vince Longo, UNL, An introduction to knotted surfaces
9/11/18 Lisa Piccirillo, U. Texas - Austin, The Conway knot is not slice (and other applications of a flexible construction of knots with diffeomorphic traces)
9/4/18 Thomas Kindred, UNL, Essential slopes of a knot
8/28/18 Thomas Kindred, UNL, Knots and surfaces in S3
8/21/18 Organizational meeting

Spring 2018:

4/24/18 Jennifer Schultens, U. California - Davis, The Kakimizu complex of Seifert fibered spaces
4/17/18 Vince Longo, UNL, Tri-plane diagrams of knotted surfaces
4/10/18 Ryan Grady, Montana State U., Manifold invariants via perturbative QFT
4/3/18 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, Four mathematical results on a theme by Paganini, part II
3/27/10 Ash DeClerk, UNL, k-strata autostackability
3/15/18 Thomas Kindred, U. Iowa, Checkerboards and crosscaps
3/15/18 Mark Hughes, Brigham Young U., The immersed cross-cap number of a knot
3/13/18 Robert Huben, UNL, The Toeplitz algebra of an ordered group
3/6/18 Gabe Islambouli, U. Virginia, Nielsen equivalence and isotopy classes of trisections
2/27/18 Aurora Marks, UNL, Algorithmically complex residually finite semigroups
2/20/18 Zoran Sunic, Hofstra U., Closed groups of rooted tree automorphisms, symbolic dynamics, and Rabin automata
2/13/18 Katie Tucker, UNL, 3-moves and the unknotting number
2/8/18 Dave Auckly, Kansas State U., Stable equivalence of smoothly knotted surfaces
2/6/18 Andrew Hayes, UNL, A bound on distance in the curve complex
1/25/18 Ashley Johnson, U. North Alabama, Word length from tree-pair diagrams
1/23/18 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Alexander's theorem and his horned sphere
1/16/18 Robert Huben, UNL, The geometry of redistricting
1/9/18 Organizational meeting

Fall 2017:

Focus half of a semester on self-similar groups
12/5/17 Ash DeClerk, UNL, The Grigorchuk group has intermediate growth
11/28/17 Andrew Hayes, UNL, Iterated monodromy groups
11/14/17 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, Bi-invertible automata and more
11/7/17 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Branch groups, contracting groups, and more
10/31/17 Vince Longo, UNL, Wreath products and self-similar groups
10/24/17 Aurora Marks, UNL, Introduction self-similar groups and the Grigorchuk group
10/10/17 Hannah Schwartz, Bryn Mawr C., 1 is enough
10/5/17 Ryan Blair, California State U. Long Beach, Distortion and the bridge distance of knots
10/3/17 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, Cryptography with (semi)groups
9/26/17 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Measuring the complexity of orderings on groups
9/19/17 Robert Huben, UNL, The word problem in hyperbolic groups
9/12/17 Alex Zupan, UNL, Picturing knotted surfaces in dimension four
9/7/17 Marty Scharlemann, U. California-Santa Barbara, Uniqueness in Waldhausen's theorem
9/5/17 Mark Brittenham, UNL, A counterexample to a conjecture on unknotting number (for real this time)
8/29/17 Tye Lidman, North Carolina State U., Band surgeries and lens space surgeries

Spring/Summer 2017:

7/3/17 Sarah Rees, U. Newcastle, UK, Rewriting in Artin groups
5/11/17 Yago Antolin, U. Autonoma Madrid, Spain, Dehn fillings theorem and applications
4/25/17 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Hilbert's third problem
4/18/17 Marla Williams, UNL, Tricoloring bridge trisections
4/11/17 Tim Susse, UNL, Outer automorphism groups of right-angled Coxeter groups
4/4/17 Maranda Franke, UNL, Languages, geodesics, and HNN extensions
3/29/17 Carolyn Otto, U. Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Every genus 1 algebraically slice knot is 1-solvable
3/28/17 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, Some fun with pseudovarieties
3/15/17 Scott Taylor, Colby College, Additive Invariants of Knots, Graphs, and 3-Manifolds
3/14/17 Katie Tucker, UNL, A finite generating set for Mod(S_g)
3/7/17 Gili Golan, Vanderbilt U., The generation problem in Thompson group F
2/28/17 Margaret Doig, Creighton U., Finite surgeries - an application of Heegaard Floer homology to a traditional knot theory question
Focus third of a semester on mapping class groups
2/21/17 Ash DeClerk, UNL, More Dehn Twists!
2/14/17 Vince Longo, UNL, Dehn twists and their properties
2/7/17 Matt Mills, UNL, The Alexander Method
1/31/17 Jesse Moeller, UNL, Mapping class groups basics
1/24/17 Aurora Marks, UNL, Surfaces, curves and hyperbolic geometry
1/17/17 (Snow day)
1/9/17 Organizational meeting

Fall 2016:

12/6/16 Katie Tucker and Karina Uhing, UNL, Automatic groups and mapping class groups
11/29/16 Marla Williams, UNL, Heegaard splittings of 3-manifolds
11/15/16 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Three conjectures on unknotting number
11/8/16 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, Electoral semimagmas and universal algebra
11/1/16 Ken Baker, U. Miami, Asymmetric L-space knots
10/25/16 Aurora Marks, UNL, Geodesic growth of groups
10/11/16 Maranda Franke, UNL, Finite generating sets of relatively hyperbolic groups and applications to geodesic languages
10/4/16 Tim Susse, UNL, Factor systems and the geometry of CAT(0) cube complexes
9/27/16 Ash DeClerk, UNL, Ordering graph products of groups
9/20/16 Vince Longo, UNL, State invariants of two-bridge knots
9/13/16 Meggan Hass, UNL, An Introduction to topological data analysis
9/6/16 Alex Zupan, UNL, The Generalized property R conjecture
8/30/16 Organizational meeting
8/23/16 Stuart Margolis, Bar-Ilan U., CW decompositions, LeRay numbers and the global dimension of left regular band algebras

Spring/Summer 2016:

7/25/16 Nathan Corwin, Rutgers U., An introduction Thompson's group F and some normal forms
7/25/16 Melanie DeVries, MetaCommunications, Classical unknotting moves and the welded knots
4/26/16 Tye Lidman, Inst. for Advanced Study, Cosmetic crossings in knots
4/19/16 Derek Holt, U. Warwick, UK, Generalized word problems in groups and formal language theory
4/12/16 Maranda Franke, UNL, Geodesic language complexity and group structure
4/5/16 Katie Tucker, UNL, An Introduction to virtual knot theory
4/1/16 Mark Brittenham, UNL, The ups and downs of unknotting number
3/29/16 Matt Mills, UNL, Bases for cluster algebras from surfaces
3/15/16 Andy Eisenberg, Oklahoma State U., Right-angled Coxeter group recognition and decomposition
3/8/16 Aaron Calderon, UNL, Geodesic languages in groups
3/1/16 Meggan Hass, UNL, Self-Similar groups and ends of Schreier graphs
2/23/16 David McCune, William Jewell C., An introduction to self-similar groups
2/16/16 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, In the eye of the beholder
2/9/16 Jeff Meier, Indiana U., Trisections and Dehn surgery
2/2/16 Snow day!
1/19/16, 1/26/16 Nick Owad, UNL, Bridge spectra of cables to 2-bridge knots
1/12/16 Organizational meeting

Fall 2015:

12/8/15 Muhammad Inam, UNL, The word problem for a class of positively presented semigroups and inverse semigroups
12/1/15 Zoran Sunic, Texas A&M U., Deciding if a right-angled Artin group is free-by-free is NP-complete
12/1/15 Zoran Sunic, Texas A&M U., Left orders on free products and left relatively convex subgroups
11/24/15 Tim Susse, UNL, Divergence, UFOs and random graphs
11/17/15 Delaram Kahrobaei, CUNY Graduate Center and City Tech, Conjugacy problem in metabelian and polycyclic groups: Complexity analysis
11/10/15 Kyle Istvan, Louisiana State U., The Kauffman polynomial of periodic links
11/3/15 George Mossessian, U. California - Davis, Common stabilizations of Heegaard splittings of knot complements
10/27/15 Aaron Calderon, UNL, Bipyramids and hyperbolic volume of tiling links
10/13/15 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Determining solvability of groups of homeomorphisms
9/29/15, 10/6/15 Maranda Franke, UNL, Dehn functions, I-II
9/22/15 Rob Kirby, U. California - Berkeley, Trisections of 4-manifolds
9/1/15, 9/8/15, 9/15/15 Alex Zupan, UNL, Knotted surfaces and bridge trisections, I-III
8/25/15 Organizational meeting

Spring 2015:

4/28/15 Anisah Nu'Man, UNL, Tame filling functions for groups and their closure properties
4/24/15 Ashley Johnson, U. North Alabama, Quasigroups and their (attempted) connections to geometric group theory
4/14/15 Matt Clay, U. Arkansas, Stable commutator length in Baumslag-Solitar groups
3/31/15, 4/7/15 Maranda Franke, UNL, An automata characterization of piecewise testable languages, I-II
3/10/15, 3/17/15 Nick Owad, UNL, Bridge number and bridge spectra, I-II
3/3/15 Yago Antolin Pichel, Vanderbilt U., Tits alternatives for graph products
2/17/15, 2/24/15 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska-Omaha, A cellular basis and the colored Jones polynomial, I-II
1/27/15, 2/10/15 Tim Susse, UNL, Special cube complexes, I-II

Fall 2014:

12/9/14 Muhammad Inam, UNL, Adian groups, semigroups, and inverse semigroups
12/2/14 Aaron Calderon, UNL, Braid groups and geodesic regularity
11/11/14, 11/18/14 John Meakin, UNL, Immersions of CW complexes, I-II
11/4/14 Anne Kerian, UNL, Bounds on crosscap number for alternating knots
10/28/14 Corbin Groothuis, UNL, A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!
10/14/14 Nick Owad, UNL, Making knots straight
10/7/14 Meggan Hass, UNL, Interpreting CAT(0) Spaces
10/3/14 Delaram Kahrobaei, CUNY Graduate Center and City Tech, The Conjugacy problem in polycyclic groups and applications to cryptography
9/23/14, 9/30/14 Maranda Franke, UNL, Hyperbolic spaces and their boundaries; Randomness in hyperbolic groups
9/16/14 Allison Beemer, UNL, On groups whose geodesic growth is polynomial
9/2/14, 9/9/14 Tim Susse, UNL, An Introduction to SCL, I-II
8/26/14 Organizational meeting

Spring 2014:

4/29/14 Natalie Rich, UNL, Intrinsic linking in directed graphs
4/22/14 Azer Akhmedov, North Dakota State U., Extension of Holder's Theorem in Diff1+ε(I)
4/21/14, 4/23/14 Maranda Franke, UNL, Groups, the theory of ends, and context-free languages, I-II
4/15/14 Tim Susse, CUNY Graduate Center, Stable commutator length in amalgamated free products
4/8/14 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, The sprawl conjecture
3/18/14 Anne Kerian, UNL, Non-orientable spanning surfaces for knots
3/4/14, 3/11/14 Nick Owad, UNL, (Almost) All the ways to color knots, I-II
2/26/14 Conchita Martinez-Perez, U. Zaragoza, On centralizers of elements of 2V
2/14/14 David McCune, William Jewell C., Active context free games with finite target language
2/4/14 Pallavi Dani, Louisiana State U., Filling invariants: homological vs. homotopical
1/21/14 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Knots with multiple minimal genus spanning surfaces

Fall 2013:

12/10/13 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Groupoids
12/3/13 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska-Omaha, Some results and questions on t3 t4bar moves
11/19/13 Laura Ciobanu, U. Neuchatel, Relatively hyperbolic groups with the falsification by fellow traveller property
11/12/13 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Virtual regional crossing change
11/5/13 Nora Szakacs, UNL and U. Szeged, F-inverse covers of inverse monoids
10/29/13 Muhammad Inam, UNL, Automatic semigroups
10/15/13 John Meakin, UNL, Inverse automata, groups, and inverse semigroups
10/8/13 John Meakin, UNL, Automata, languages and semigroups
10/1/13 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Conjugacy languages in groups
9/24/13 Alex Kunin, UNL, Regular languages and finite automata
9/17/13 Maranda Franke, UNL, Small cancellation conditions
9/3/13, 9/10/13 Anisah Nu'Man, UNL, Filling functions for groups, I-II
8/27/13 Organizational meeting

Spring/Summer 2013:

6/26/13 Violeta Vasilevska, Utah Valley U., Rewriting systems for groups
Focus partial semester on amenable groups
4/23/13 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Amenability and Ramsey theory
4/9/13 Nathan Corwin, UNL, Amenability and Thompson's group F
4/2/13 Ashley Johnson, UNL, An introduction to amenable groups
3/26/13 John Meakin, UNL, Groups, semigroups and inverse semigroups: connections and contrasts
3/12/13 Anisah Nu'Man, UNL, Refinement of intrinsic and extrinsic diameter inequalities
3/5/13 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Hecke Algebras, Temperley Lieb algebras and some interesting observations
2/26/13 Muhammad Inam, UNL, Maximal subgroups of free idempotent generated semigroups over bands
2/19/13 Melanie DeVries, UNL, An introduction to virtual braids
2/12/13 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Knot moves and knot group quotients
2/5/13 Ashley Johnson, UNL, Planar Cayley graphs
1/29/13 Maranda Franke, UNL, Braid groups
1/24/13 Morgan Cesa, U. Utah, Connections between geometry and group theory
1/15/13 Organizational meeting

Fall 2012:

12/4/12 Nick Owad, UNL, A preview of self-intersecting polygons
11/27/12 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Virtual knot theory
11/6/12, 11/20/12 Ashley Johnson, UNL, Results on autostackable groups, I-II
10/30/12 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Measure preserving words are primitive
10/23/12 Anisah Nu'Man, UNL, Decision problems for some finitely presented subgroups of Right Angled Artin Groups
10/9/12 John Meakin, UNL, A solution to the Hanna Neumann Cojecture
10/2/12 John Meakin, UNL, Stallings foldings and the Hanna Neumann conjecture
9/25/12, Chad Giusti, UNL, The (mod-two) cohomology of symmetric groups
9/18/12 Chad Giusti, UNL, Classifying spaces for discrete groups
9/11/12 Chad Giusti, UNL, Group cohomology
9/4/12 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Autostackable groups
8/28/12 Nathan Corwin, UNL, Dynamic facts about Thompson's group V
8/21/12 Organizational meeting

Spring 2012:

4/24/12 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Tame filling invariants
4/17/12 Derrick Stolee, UNL, Automorphism groups and adversarial vertex deletions
Focus third of a semester on Bass-Serre theory
4/10/12 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Bass-Serre theory, V
4/3/12 Ashley Johnson, UNL, Bass-Serre theory, IV
3/27/12 Nathan Corwin, UNL, Bass-Serre theory, III
3/13/12 Emily Ognacevic, UNL, Bass-Serre theory, II: Graphs of groups
3/6/12 Anne Kerian, UNL, Bass-Serre theory, I
2/21/12, 2/28/12 John Meakin, UNL, Semigroups generated by idempotent matrices, I-II
2/14/12 Anisah Nu'Man, UNL, Geodesics for Artin groups
1/24/12, 1/31/12 Mark Brittenham, UNL, A complete group-theoretic invariant for knots, after Nelson and Neumann, I-II
1/17/12 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, A novel application of semigroup theory: The yeast cell cycle
1/10/12 Organizational meeting

Fall 2011:

11/29/11, 12/6/11 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Virtual knots, I-II
11/15/11 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, The exponential formula
11/8/11 Emily Ognacevic, UNL, Ordering graph products of groups
11/1/11 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Unknotting moves, and what (finite) group theory can tell us: the group theory part
10/25/11 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Unknotting moves for knots, and what finite group theory has to say about them
10/11/11 Nathan Corwin, UNL, (Failed) techniques on a conjecture in co-CF groups
9/20/11, 9/27/11, 10/4/11 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Stackable groups, I-III
8/30/11, 9/6/11, 9/13/11 Ashley Johnson, UNL, Computability and complexity, I-II, and III: The final voyage
8/23/11 Pascal Weil, U. Bordeaux, Asymptotic properties of finitely generated subgroups of free groups

Spring 2011:

Focus quarter semester on algorithms for groups
4/26/11 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Polycyclic presentations of groups
4/19/11 Carly Klivans, U. Chicago, Critical groups
4/12/11 David McCune, UNL Groups and semigroups generated by automata
4/5/11 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Further fundamental algorithms in group theory
3/29/11 Ashley Weatherwax, UNL, The Todd-Coxeter algorithm
3/15/11 Ashley Weatherwax, UNL, The finite presentation problem
Focus half semester on limit groups
3/8/11 Susan Hermiller and Mark Britteham, UNL, Introduction to JSJ and limit groups, VI
3/1/11 Mark Britteham and Susan Hermiller, UNL, Introduction to limit groups and JSJ, V
2/22/11 Mark Brittenham and David McCune, UNL, Introduction to limit groups, IV
2/15/11 David McCune, UNL, Introduction to limit groups, III
2/8/11 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Introduction to limit groups, II
2/1/11 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Introduction to limit groups
1/25/11 Organizational meeting
1/18/11 Andrew Duncan, U. Newcastle, UK, Automorphisms of right-angled Artin groups

Fall 2010:

12/7/10 Ashley Weatherwax, UNL, A brief history of the classification of finite simple groups, and solvability criterion for finite groups
11/23/10 Zoran Sunic, Texas A&M U., The conjugacy problems in automaton groups
11/16/10 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Finite complete rewriting systems for regular semigroups
11/9/10 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Groups with polynomial geodesic growth
11/2/10 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Low(est) volume hyperbolic manifolds (after Everitt, Ratcliffe, and Tschantz (and others))
10/26/10 Nathan Corwin, UNL, An inaccessible graph
10/12/10 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, The road coloring problem
9/28/10 Ashley Weatherwax, UNL, Hyperreflection groups
9/21/10 Lucas Sabalka, Binghamton U., On the geometry of the free splitting graph
9/7/10, 9/14/10 David McCune, UNL, Semigroups arising from asynchronous automata, I-II
8/31/10 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Diameters, distortion and eigenvalues
8/24/10 Organizational meeting

Spring 2010:

Focus half semester on reflections and hyperplane arrangements
4/27/10 Vladimir Itskov, UNL, A Geometric interpretation of the characteristic polynomial of central arrangements
4/20/10 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Improved lower bounds for the Reidemeister distance between knot diagrams (after Hass and Nowik)
4/13/10 Collin Bleak, UNL, Dynamical conditions and non-solvability in R. Thompson's group F
4/6/10 David McCune, UNL, Right-angled Coxeter groups and CAT(0) spaces
3/30/10 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Coxeter groups II: The Davis complex, infinite groups, and Euclidean and hyperbolic hyperplanes
3/23/10 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Coxeter groups I: Finite groups, spherical hyperplanes, and the Coxeter complex
3/8/10 Violeta Vasilevska, U. South Dakota, Different classes of Hopfian groups
Focus half semester on iterated monodromy groups
3/2/10 David McCune and Mark Brittenham, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups, VI
2/24/10 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups, V
2/17/10 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups, IV
2/10/10 Melanie DeVries, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups, III
2/3/10 Nathan Corwin, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups, II
1/26/10 Ashley Weatherwax, UNL, Introduction to iterated monodromy groups
1/12/10 Organizational meeting

Fall 2009:

12/10/09 Scott Dyer, UNL, The higher Grothendieck integral
11/24/09, 12/1/09 David McCune, UNL, Intermediate growth, I-II
11/19/09 David Yetter, Kansas State U., Deformations of monoidal categories and Vassiliev Theory
11/10/09 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Mahler measure and repeated rational surgery
10/27/09 Susan Hermiller, UNL, More computational software for GST
10/13/09 David McCune, UNL, Introduction to GAP
Focus half semester on buildings
10/6/09 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Groups acting on buildings
9/29/09 Collin Bleak, UNL, Calculating the building for a linear algebraic group
9/22/09 Collin Bleak, UNL, What are buildings?
9/15/09 Collin Bleak, UNL, Wreath actions on high-dimensional cubes
9/1/09, 9/8/09 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Foundations of buildings, I-II
8/24/09 Organizational meeting

Spring 2009:

4/28/09 David McCune, UNL, Nilpotent quotient algorithm
4/21/09, Violeta Vasilevska, U. South Dakota, Detecting approximate fibrations
4/14/09 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Impromptu
3/31/09, 4/7/09 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Tame combings for groups, I-II
3/24/09 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha Applications of Burnside groups in knot theory
3/3/09 Collin Bleak, UNL, A family of non-isomorphism results
2/24/09 Mark Brittenham, UNL, More groups in free idempotent-generated semigroups; or, Covering spaces really can be useful
2/19/09 Said Sidki, U. Brasilia, Brazil, Virtual endomorphisms of groups
1/20/09, 1/27/09, 2/3/09 John Meakin, UNL, Subgroups of semigroups generated by idempotents; or Groups, Semigroups *and* Topology! I-III
1/13/09 Organizational meeting

Fall 2008:

Focus half semester on laminations
12/2/08 Mark Brittenham, UNL, There is no algorithm to decide if a group is the fundamental group of a 3-manifold
11/18/08, 11/25/08 Scott Dyer, UNL, Untangling diffeomorphism for compact orientable 3-manifolds, I-II
11/4/08, 11/11/08 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Seeing the forest through the leaves, I-II
10/28/08 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Foliations and laminations: The basics
Focus half semester on decision problems for groups
10/14/08 Olga Patricia Salazar Diaz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Revealing pairs, conjugacy, and R. Thompson's group V
10/7/08 Bob Ruyle, UNL, The conjugacy problem for braid groups
9/30/08 Collin Bleak, UNL, The conjugacy problem and the Grigorchuk group
9/23/08 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Bounding sizes of sumsets in commutative semigroups
9/16/08 Collin Bleak, UNL, The conjugacy problem for infinite groups
9/9/08 Andrew Ray, UNL, A group with unsolvable word problem
9/2/08 David McCune, UNL, The word problem and automaton groups
8/26/08 Organizational meeting

Spring 2008:

Focus (half) semester on relatively hyperbolic groups
5/8/08 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, The figure-8 knot group is hyperbolic relative to its cusp subgroup
4/15/08, 4/22/08 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Continuation of Osin's paper on relatively hyperbolic groups, I-II
4/8/08 Sarah Rees, U. Newcastle, UK, More and less than Dehn
4/4/08 Jen Taback, Bowdoin College, Computing word length in alternate presentations of Thompson's group F
4/3/08 Jen Taback, Bowdoin College, Twisted conjugacy and quasi-isometry invariance for generalized solvable Baumslag-Solitar groups
3/28/08 Ben Fine, Fairfield U./CAISS-CUNY, On surface groups: Motivating examples in combinatorial group theory
3/24/08 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, Relatively hyperbolic groups: Isoperimetric functions
3/11/08 Collin Bleak, UNL, More on relatively hyperbolic groups: Splitting theorem for relatively finitely presented groups
3/4/08 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, More on relatively hyperbolic groups: Osin definition, some properties, and some examples
2/26/08 David McCune, UNL, Relative presentations and van Kampen diagrams
2/12/08, 2/19/08 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Introduction to weakly relatively hyperbolic groups, I-II
1/29/08 David McCune, UNL, Small cancellation groups are word hyperbolic
1/22/08 Collin Bleak, UNL, The simultaneous conjugacy problem
1/15/08 Collin Bleak, UNL, Structure theorems for groups of circle homeomorphisms

Fall 2007:

11/30/07, 12/7/07 Scott Dyer, UNL, Presenting categories of embedded cobordisms: Braids, tangles, braided and pivotal categories, and invariants, I-II
11/9/07, 11/16/07 Scott Dyer, UNL, Honest category basics for everyone, via Cartouche categories, I-II
10/19/07, 10/26/07, 11/2/07 Collin Bleak, UNL, An algebraic classification of the solvable subgroups of PL0(I), I-III
9/28/07, 10/5/07 Collin Bleak, UNL, A geometric structure theory for the solvable subgroups of PL0(I), I-II
9/14/07, 9/21/07 Robb Todd, U. Nebraska - Omaha, An introduction to Khovanov homology, I-II
8/31/07, 9/7/07 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Knots, surfaces, and Whitehead doubling, I-II

Spring 2007:

2/20/07, 3/27/07, 4/24/07 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Hyperbolic manifolds: The basics, I-III
1/30/07, 2/6/07 Scott Dyer, UNL, Hyperbolic geometry for the complete klutz, I-II
1/16/07 Organizational Meeting

Fall 2006:

Focus semester on braid, Artin, and Garside groups
11/28/06 Aditi Kar, UNL, K(G,1)'s for affine Artin groups
11/14/06, 11/21/06 Mark Brittenham, UNL, K(G,1) spaces for Artin groups, after Charney and Davis (sort of), I-II
10/31/06, 11/7/06 Scott Dyer, UNL, Braid pictures for Artin groups, I-II
10/3/06, 10/10/06 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Geodesics in Garside groups, I-II
9/26/06 John Meakin, UNL, Groupes de Garside a la Dehornoy
9/12/06, 9/19/06 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Garside groups: normal forms and more, I-II
8/29/06, 9/5/06 David Milan, UNL, Normal forms for braid groups, I-II
8/22/06 Organizational Meeting

Spring/Summer 2006:

8/4/06 Pascal Weil, U. Bordeaux, France, On the complexity of the Whitehead minimization problem
3/21/06 Nikolay Nikolov, U. Oxford, Great Britain, Counting groups, primes and manifolds
3/7/06 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Tame combings and almost convexities
2/21/06, 2/28/06 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Minimal almost convexity is generating set dependent, I-II
1/24/06, 1/31/06 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Morton's amazing almost equality, I-II
1/17/06 Aditi Kar, UNL, The equivalence of some residual properties of hyperbolic groups, II

Fall 2005:

11/29/05 Nikolay Nikolov, U. Oxford, Great Britain, Subgroups of finite index in profinite groups
11/15/05 Aditi Kar, UNL, Residual properties of hyperbolic groups, I
10/25/05, 11/1/05, 11/8/05 David Milan, UNL, The C*-algebras of some inverse semigroups, I-III
9/27/05, 10/5/05 Justin James, UNL, Deciding membership in finitely generated submonoids of the free product of two groups, I-II
9/13/05, 9/20/05 John Meakin, UNL, From submonoids of groups to inverse monoids, I-II (II: Toeplitz inverse monoids)
9/6/05 Justin James, UNL, An algorithm to decide membership in finitely generated submonoids of free abelian groups

Spring 2005:

5/25/05 Zoran Sunik, Texas A&M, Thompson's group F and the weak Bruhat order
4/19/05 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Artin groups, 3-manifolds, and rewriting systems
3/29/05 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Bass-Serre theory and foldings
3/22/05 Stuart Margolis, Bar-Ilan U., Hunter College and Queens College, Inverse monoids, logic and the computational complexity of root subgroups in free groups
2/1/05, 2/8/05, 3/15/05 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Foldings in graphs of groups and the membership problem for subgroups of graphs of groups, I-III
1/18/05, 1/25/05 Justin James, UNL, The power problem and the double power problem in word hyperbolic groups

Fall 2004:

12/7/04 Patrick Bahls, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Orderability in groups and monoids: truths and consequences
11/23/04, 11/30/04 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Geodesics, star-free languages, and small cancellation groups, I-II
11/16/04 Aditi Kar, UNL, Finite subgroups of hyperbolic groups
11/2/04, 11/9/04 John Meakin, UNL, Idempotent generated semigroups, I-II
10/12/04, 10/26/04 Bob Ruyle, UNL, The Hanna Neumann Conjecture for free groups and a Matching Problem for finite groups, I-II
9/22/04 Sarah Rees, U. Newcastle, UK, Groups whose co-word problem is context-free
9/14/04, 9/21/04 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, An old application of topology to Ramsey theory, I-II
8/31/04, 9/7/04 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Canonical decompositions of 3-manifolds (and their fundamental groups), I-II

Spring/Summer 2004:

6/8/04, 6/9/04, 6/10/04 Lucas Sabalka, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Braid groups on graphs, I-III
6/8/04 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Background on Morse theory
5/11/04 Alexei Myasnikov, City College/CUNY, Different faces of fully residually free groups and algorithmic problems
4/27/04 Zoran Sunik, Texas A&M, Hausdorff dimension of groups acting on trees
4/20/04 Chris Bourke, UNL Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Finite-state dimension of individual sequences
4/13/04 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Polyfree constructions for Artin groups
3/30/04, 4/6/04 Justin James, UNL, Syntactic groups of finitely generated submonoids, I-II
3/23/04 David Milan, UNL, Topologically unrealizable automorphisms
2/17/03, 2/24/04, 3/9/04 Enric Ventura, UNL/Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, Fixed subgroups in free groups, I-III
2/6/04 Louis Zulli, Lafayette College, An extension of the Jones polynomial of classical knots
1/27/04 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Thompson's group at 40 years
1/20/03 Enric Ventura, UNL/Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, A uniform version for non-amenability

Fall 2003:

11/25/03 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Midterm problems for the human race
11/18/03 Josh Brown-Kramer, UNL, The falsification by fellow traveler property
10/28/03, 11/4/03, 11/11/03 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Train tracks for free groups, I-III
9/30/03, 10/7/03, 10/14/03 Justin James, UNL, Coxeter groups, I-III
9/9/03, 9/16/03, 9/23/03 Pascal Weil, UNL/U. Bordeaux, France, Logic and automata, I-III
9/2/03 Enric Ventura, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, Modern consequences of the classical theorem of Takahasi

Spring 2003:

Focus semester on "From fractal groups to fractal sets" by Bartholdi, Grigorchuk, and Nekrashevych
4/29/03 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Self-similarity and and hyperbolic spaces
4/15/03, 4/22/03 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Schreier graphs and self-similar actions, I-II
4/7/03 John Meier, Lafayette College, Garside groups
4/1/03 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Virtual endomorphisms
3/11/03, 3/25/03 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Iterated monodromy groups, I-II
3/7/03 Rostislav Grigorchuk, Texas A&M, A friendly competitor to the Thompson group
2/25/03, 3/4/03 Steve Lindblad, UNL, Actions on rooted trees, I-II
2/11/03 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Groups and inverse semigroups associated with Penrose tilings
2/4/03 John Meakin, UNL, Self similar actions of inverse semigroups
1/21/03, 1/28/03 John Meakin, UNL, Self similar actions of groups and semigroups, I-II

Fall 2002:

12/10/02 Justin James, UNL, Closure properties of quasiconvex subsets of word hyperbolic groups
11/26/02 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Calculating the Schutzenberger graphs of a transition monoid
11/12/02 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Branched surfaces, tilings, and the carrying problem
11/5/02 Steve Lindblad, UNL, Sparse words and Schutzenberger complexes
10/29/02 Vinod Variyam, UNL Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Complexity of group-theoretic problems
10/15/02 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Minimal almost convexity
10/8/02 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Malcev correspondence between rings and nilpotent groups
9/17/02 Steve Haataja, UNL, Inverse semigroups associated with Wiener-Hopf algebras
9/10/02 John Meakin, UNL, Inverse monoids associated with submonoids of groups
8/27/02, 9/3/02 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Test maps to metabelian groups, I-II

Spring 2002:

4/23/02 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Are "most" knots really the boundary of only one surface? Some (bad) empirical evidence
4/16/02 John Snow, Concordia U., Constructing congruence lattices of finite algebras
4/9/02 Lucas Sabalka, UNL, Geodesic growth in the braid group on three strands
4/2/02 Justin James, UNL, A solution to the cyclic submonoid membership problem for a class of Coxeter groups
3/26/02 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Baumslag-Solitar groups as dual finite automata
2/19/02, 3/5/02, 3/12/02 Mark Brittenham, UNL, 3-manifolds with finite fundamental group, I-III
2/12/02 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Periodic points of tree endomorphims, the Catalan family tree and Young tableaux
2/5/02 Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt U., Higman embeddings
1/29/02 John Snow, Concordia U., Algebras, relations, compatibility, and majority
1/22/02 John Meakin, UNL, Equations in free inverse monoids II: the extendibility problem
1/15/02 John Meakin, UNL, Equations in free inverse monoids

Fall 2001:

10/26/01 Jean-Camille Birget, Rutgers U. Camden, Filling functions on groups
10/16/01, 10/30/01, 11/6/01 Justin James, UNL, Coxeter groups and the generalized word problem, I-III
10/2/01, 10/9/01 Steve Lindblad, UNL, Knuth-Bendix for groups with infinitely many rules, I-II
9/18/01 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Groups of tree automorphisms: Introduction to branch groups
9/11/01 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Groups of tree automorphisms: Algorithmic aspects
9/4/01 Zoran Sunik, UNL, Groups of tree automorphisms: Word and torsion growth

Spring 2001:

4/10/01, 4/24/01 Justin James, UNL, The quasiconvexity reduction hypothesis and its applications, I-II
3/27/01, 4/3/01 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Homology for groups and monoids, I-II
3/20/01 Andrei Kelarev, UNL/U. Tasmania, Cayley graphs of groups and semigroups
3/2/01 Murray Elder, Texas A&M, Patterns theory and automatic groups
2/20/01, 2/27/01 Steve Haataja and Justin James, UNL, The perimeter of 2-complexes in coherent groups, I-II
2/6/01, 2/13/01 Bob Ruyle, UNL, Finite inverse monoids and first order theory of free groups, I-II
1/30/01 Andrei Kelarev, UNL/U. Tasmania, Combinatorial properties of groups and semigroups
1/16/01, 1/23/01 Lisa Orlandi-Korner, UNL, Outer space, I-II

Fall 2000:

11/28/00, 12/5/04 Steve Hataaja, UNL, Non-positively curved triangles of groups, I-II
11/21/00 Justin James, UNL, The Rips trick
11/7/00, 11/14/00 Lisa Orlandi-Korner, UNL, The *real* Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant
10/10/00, 10/31/00 Casey Mann, UNL/U. Arkansas, Heesch, Einstein, and dominoes -- Open questions in tiling, I-II
10/3/00 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Building Seifert surfaces with depth > 1 - and why BNS invariants help
9/26/00 Mark Brittenham, UNL, BNS invariants for 1-relator groups - and why a knot theorist would care
9/12/00, 9/19/00 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Coxeter groups and their geodesics, I-II
8/29/00 Alessandra Cherubini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Families of languages contained or containing context-free languages
8/22/00, 9/5/00 John Meakin, UNL, Geodesics in surface groups, I-II

Summer 2000:

8/9/00 Jean-Camille Birget, Rutgers U. Camden
7/31/00 Pascal Weil, U. Bordeaux, France
7/26/00 Susan Hermiller, UNL, N3
7/24/00 Jillian Mcleod, UNL
7/12/00, 7/17/00, 7/19/00 Stuart Margolis, Bar-Ilan U., Israel

Spring 2000:

Focus semester on tilings and tiling groups
4/10/00 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Actions by isometries, tilings, laminations, and the kitchen sink
4/3/00 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Conway's tiling groups
3/20/00, 3/27/00 John Meakin, UNL, The inverse semigroup of a tiling of Rn
3/6/00 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Translations, rotations, and the magic numbers 2,3,4, and 6
2/7/00 Lisa Orlandi-Korner, UNL, Aperiodic tilings of the plane
1/31/00 Lois Goss, UNL, An introduction to the Penrose tilings of the plane

Fall 1999:

11/30/99 John Meakin, UNL, Subgroups of free groups: a theorem of Marshall Hall
11/9/99, 11/16/99 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Asphericity for groups, I-II
11/2/99 Mark Brittenham, UNL, There is no algorithm to decide if a group is the fundamental group of a 3-manifold (after Stallings)
10/26/99 John Meakin, UNL, Asphericity and the Freiheitssatz for some finitely presented groups
10/5/99, 10/12/99 John Meakin, UNL, One-relator groups and one-relator monoids, I-II
9/7/99 Sarah Rees, U. Newcastle, Solving the word problem in real time
8/31/99, 9/14/99, 9/21/99, 9/28/99 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Tame combings for groups, I-IV

Spring 1999:

4/23/99 Jon McCammond, Texas A&M, The combinatorial Gauss-Bonnet theorem and the notion of curvature in group theory
4/14/99, 4/28/99 Bob Ruyle, Nebraska Wesleyan U., The Kervaire Conjecture and accidental group theory, I-II
3/24/99, 3/31/99, 4/7/99 Jamie Radcliffe, UNL, Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariants for one-relator groups, I-III
3/10/99 Lisa Orlandi-Korner, UNL, The Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant
2/17/99 Susan Hermiller, UNL, Some geometric topology for group theorists
2/10/99 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Seifert groups acting on the real line
1/20/99, 1/27/99, 2/3/99 Mark Brittenham, UNL, Characterizing some groups which act on the real line, I-III

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