Sixth Annual


All talks are open to the entire UNL Community

Friday, February 6, 2004

Welcome and Registration, Nebraska Union Auditorium
There will be soft drinks and snacks at the registration

Opening Session, Nebraska Union Auditorium
Welcome: Judy Walker, Co-Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee
Remarks: Richard Hoffmann, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Plenary Session I, Nebraska Union Auditorium
Nancy Kopell, Boston University
Dynamical Systems of the Nervous System: Do Rhythms Help Us Think?

Special Presentation, Nebraska Union Auditorium
Lloyd Douglas, National Science Foundation
NSF Funding Opportunities for Undergraduates and Graduate Students

Banquet, Embassy Suites Hotel - Regency Room
Pre-Dinner Group Photo
Remarks: Ellen Weissinger, Executive Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Panel Discussion: Enjoying Life (as a Mathematician)
Panelists: Renee Burton, National Security Agency
  Lloyd Douglas, National Science Foundation
  Nancy Kopell, Boston University
  Patricial Nelson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  Jennifer Paulhus, University of Illinois
Moderator: Judy Walker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Saturday, February 7, 2004

Continental Breakfast, CBA Courtyard

Session 1 - Presentations by Undergraduate Participants
CBA 025 (Chair: Steve Cohn )
CBA 128 (Chair: Claudia Miller )
CBA 132 (Chair: Roger Wiegand )

8:30 - 8:45
CBA 025
Nitsan Ben-Gal, University of Michigan
Large Amplitude Oscillations in Suspension Bridges: Multiple Periodic Solutions to a Nonlinear Spring-Mass Problem
CBA 128
Karen Lawrence, Elon University
Survival of the Smartest: The Josephus Problem and its Variations
CBA 132
Scarlet Worthen and Lesley Wilson, University of Texas-Tyler
The Edgey Idea(l) of Symbolic Powers

8:50 - 9:05
CBA 025
Elizabeth Davis, Purdue University
Modifications to Bacterial Conjugation Models
CBA 128
Stephanie Hartman, Muhlenberg College
Linear Algebra in Remote Sensing
CBA 132
Stephanie Basha, Santa Clara University
Systems of Orthogonal Polynomials Arising from the Modular $j$-Function

9:10 - 9:25
CBA 025
Rachel Ward, University of Texas-Austin
A New Model to Describe the Evolution of Recently Duplicated Genes: What Predictions Can We Make Using Mathematics?
CBA 128
Terri Moore, University of Washington
The Search for Davenport's Constant
CBA 132
Kate Liesinger, University of Chicago
Characters and $q$-series in Q$(\sqrt{2})$

Short Break

Panel Discussion: Careers Using Mathematics, CBA 143
Panelists: Fern Hunt, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  Renee Burton, National Security Agency
  Claudia Miller, Syracuse University
  Patricia Nelson, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  Sujata Patil, University of Michigan
Moderator: Jim Lewis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Break, CBA Courtyard

Session 2 - Presentations by Undergraduate Participants
CBA 025 (Chair: Glenn Ledder)
CBA 128 (Chair: Lucho Avramov )
CBA 132 (Chair: Nancy Kopell)

11:00 - 11:15
CBA 025
Tahera Darensburg, Xavier University of Louisiana
Discrete Model of West Nile Like Epidemics
CBA 128
Rana Mikkelson, Kalamazoo College
An Application of Group Theory to Change Ringing
CBA 132
Stacy Mills, University of Texas-Austin
The $n$-Iterated Clasp Move and Torus Links

11:20 - 11:35
CBA 025
Martha Minkowski and Andrea Brennan, Grinnell College
Chaos in Action: Discovering a Basin of Attraction
CBA 128
Tiffany Caufield, Boston University and Marie Vega, California State University-Fullerton
A Study of the Relations of Multiple Zeta Values
CBA 132
Stacy Hoehn, Xavier University
Unravelling the Colorings of Knots

11:40 - 11:55
CBA 025
Tara Terry, Oakland University
A Model of Centralized Inventory Control
CBA 128
Jannae Severs, Creighton University
First Order Recurrence Relations on Isolate Time Scales
CBA 132
Blerta Shtylla, Lafayette College
Knots, Ortho-projection Matrices and Jones Polynomials

Lunch, Wick Alumni Center, 1520 R Street (corner of 16th & R)
Note: The plenary speakers, panelists, invited graduate students, and members of the organizing committee have agreed to sit at assigned tables so that participants can have an opportunity to talk with them informally. Check the packet of bios for table assignments.

Plenary Session II, CBA 143
Fern Hunt, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mathematical Research at NIST: Some Unexpected Applications

Poster Session, CBA 107-108
Snacks, CBA Courtyard

Session 3 - Presentations by Undergraduate Participants
CBA 025 (Chair: Mohammad Rammaha)
CBA 128 (Chair: Mark Walker)
CBA 132 (Chair: Al Peterson)

3:45 - 4:00
CBA 025
Geri Izbicki, University of Connecticut
Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Differential Equations: The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
CBA 128
Stephanie Kleven, Central College
Labelings of Odd Dimension Sierpinski Graphs
CBA 132
Diana Dimond, Brigham Young University
Line Minimization in Hyperbolic Space

4:05 - 4:20
CBA 025
Maria Butler, Coastal Carolina University
Eventual Periodicity
CBA 128
Marta Kobiela, Texas A&M University
A Walk in the Park: Fun with Graph Theory
CBA 132
Heather Florence, Brigham Young University
Length Minimization of Curve Networks Between Points in the Euclidean Plane

4:25 - 4:40
CBA 025
Deanna Turk, University of Northern Colorado
Distributional Approximations in Genome Reconstruction
CBA 128
Karola Meszaros, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
On the Number of Genus One Circle Trees
CBA 132
Kristina Lund, Grand Valley State University
The Generalized Area Principle

Short Break

Session 4 - Presentations by Undergraduate Participants

5:00 - 5:15
CBA 128
Jennifer Novak, Texas A&M University
``Nice Surface!'' and Other Ways to Complement Your Knot
CBA 025
Kelly Steinmetz, Truman State University
Minimum Rank of Positive Semi-Definite Matrices with a Prescribed Graph
CBA 132
Jenna Hammang, Valparaiso University
What Do SAT Scores Mean Anyway?

5:20 - 5:35
CBA 128
Kristin Shaw, University of British Columbia
Untangling Braids and Finding the Keys
CBA 025
Laura Lynch, Honors College of Florida Atlantic University
Generalizations of the Heawood Graph and their Properties
CBA 132
Audry Herbert, Loyola University of New Orleans
A Statistical Analysis of College Graduation Rates Using a Least-Squares Linear Regression Model

5:40 - 5:55
CBA 128
Alexa Mater, Reed College
Compact Bilinear Logic and Language
CBA 025
Christina Maher, University of Notre Dame
Multiplicative Maps on Matrix Groups and Semigroups
CBA 132
Heather Flores, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
A Study of Bacterial Flagellar Bundling

Dinner (see Restaurant Guide)

Game Night, Embassy Suites, Chancellor 1&2
Hosted by UNL's Women's Undergraduate Math Network

Sunday, February 8, 2004

Continental breakfast, CBA Food Court

Session 5 - Presentations by Undergraduate Participants
CBA 132 (Chair: Patricia Nelson)
CBA 025 (Chair: Sylvia Wiegand)

8:30 - 8:45
CBA 128
Shannon Jessie, Honors College of Florida Atlantic University
Can Predator-Prey Models Explain Invasion Dynamics?
CBA 132
Yumi Watanabe, Calvin College
Geometry, Algebra and Hilbert Series
CBA 025
Aja Johnson, Elon University
When to Spin

8:50 - 9:05
CBA 128
Theresa Johnston, Northern Arizona University
Population Dynamics on Non-Flat Landscapes
CBA 132
Becca Collins, University of Northern Colorado
Counting Triangles Within Triangles
CBA 025
Erika Frugoni, Loyola Marymount University
The Isomorphism Theorem of Noether and Its Natural Habitats

9:10 - 9:25
CBA 128
Jennifer Owens, University of Texas-Austin
Ecological Modeling of Corridors
CBA 132
Nina Miller, Valparaiso University
Counting Quadratic Forms of Rank One and Two

9:30 - 9:45
CBA 128
Elizabeth Green, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The Effect of a Smart Predator in a One Predator, Two Prey Model
CBA 132
Amy Oliver, Elon University
Ranking Sports Teams Using Infinite Series of Matricies

Break, CBA Courtyard

Panel Discussion: The Graduate School Experience, CBA 143
Panelists: Abbe Herzig, State University of New York-Albany
  Raegan Higgins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  Nancy Kopell, Boston University
  Rochelle Pereira, University of Chicago
  Erica Whitaker, The Ohio State University
  Roger Wiegand, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Moderator: Mark Walker, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Conference Wrap-up, CBA 143
Remarks: John Meakin, Chair of the UNL Department of Mathematics