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Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Math

Comments from Past Participants

"Yes. I feel that there were many panel discussions, breakout sessions, etc. that gave me a better idea what grad school in math, research, and careers in math, etc, would actually be like. I found those discussions to be very valuable in helping me to decide what to do next (after undergrad)."

"The conference was the most positive undergraduate experience I have had so far. It was encouraging and enlightening to meet so many other female undergraduates and grad students in this comfortable, interesting atmosphere."

"Yes! I haven't actually had the chance to do research yet, and it was really exciting to see other people talking about what they've done."

"It was an incredibly positive experience. I loved being in an environment that embraced and encouraged female mathematicians."

"It was a very positive experience for me. I was able to hear other people talk about their mathematical backgrounds and experiences, and I met many new people."

"I felt extremely comfortable presenting a poster, although it was my first time."

"Yes, it was a GREAT experience for me. Even though I did not give a presentation, the conference was very informative."

"Yes! This is one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career ...I am definitely more interested in going to graduate school."

"Yes! I loved all the experienced women who shared their personal experiences with us ... this whole weekend made me proud to be a woman mathematician and especially proud of what all the other women across the nation are doing with math."

"This was the first conference I've attended and it was an amazing experience! Just being surrounded by so many intelligent, motivated, and successful women in math was extremely enlightening and encouraging and surprisingly not intimidating!"

"Yes this conference was lovely! The networking and bonding experiences were super. The presentations and problems were super motivating. I want to present next year."

"Yes - It was really neat to participate in an event with so much enthusiasm, and to be surrounded by other female math majors and professors."

"I've had a great time here in Lincoln. The conference was definitely a great way to meet people and establish connections. The speakers were all great, and panel discussions were a great source of information and advice."

"I enjoyed the talks by students immensely. The banquet speaker was also great - I thought the focus on history and women in math was an excellent, inspiring subject ... I liked the plenary talks - I would have enjoyed a third session."

"Very positive! I discovered that I want to go to grad school..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. I found it to be very encouraging to see and talk to other women who are serious about mathematics. It was also nice obtaining so much info about grad school, both from panel discussions and from other participants."

"I really enjoyed the break out sessions. The discussion circle setting made the talk welcoming and non scary."