The ever-expanding page of links My brother Dave's favorite links.

Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page The best on the list is Savvy Search.

If you don't believe me, try it yourself.

News and Information

The mathematics job market, at Dartmouth.

Newslink, with links to more than 2000 news sites.

This week's TIME Magazine

CNN Interactive

The Daily Texan, the campus newspaper of UT Austin.

Central Intelligence Agency

CIA World Factbook

Southwest Airlines Flight Schedule

American Airlines Flight Schedule

The Austin Chronicle

The Lonely Planet online

University Look-up Services


PC Magazine Online.


Apple Computers.

The lighter side of life

The Calvin and Hobbes page.

The Lefthander's Usenet newsgroup.

The Mountain Bike Usenet newsgroup.

The best of Usenet humor newsgroup.

Other Mathematics Departments

e-MATH Home Page

MathSciNet Home Page

Mathematics Information Servers

U.S. Universities and Community Colleges

Mathematics Information, via Rice University

New Mexico State University

Mathematics at NMSU

The Department of Mathematics, Cornell

Puget Sound Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Guanajuato meeting information

Department of Mathematics, West Virginia Tech

Space Shuttle pictures: Click on a grid square to get a list of pictures from space shuttle missions over that site (and have an atlas with latitude and longitude handy!).

Relief Map of the US.