AMS Fall Central Section Meeting

Special Session on Invariants in Knot Theory and Low-dimensional Topology

Lincoln, NE, October 14-16, 2011

Organizers:    Mark Brittenham, University of Nebraska at Lincoln    Robb Todd, University of Nebraska at Omaha

AMS web page for the meeting.
Departmental page for the meeting, with local information.
Information about travel to Lincoln, NE.

Confirmed Speakers:

Ken Baker, University of Miami
Carmen Caprau, Cal State University Fresno
Alissa Crans, Loyola Marymount University
Oliver Dasbach, Louisiana State University
Heather Dye, McKendree University
Charlie Frohman, University of Iowa
Shelly Harvey, Rice University
Bus Jaco, Oklahoma State University
Keiko Kawamuro, University of Iowa
Thang Le, Georgia Institute of Technology
Adam Lowrence, University of Iowa
Sam Nelson, Claremont McKenna College
Jessica Purcell, Brigham Young University
Yo'av Rieck, University of Arkansas
Rachel Roberts, Washington University in St. Louis
Maggy Tomova, University of Iowa
Kristopher Williams, (soon moving to) Doane College

Abstract Submissions:

Deadline for consideration (if not invited) for inclusion in AMS Special Sessions: June 28, 2011
Deadline for ALL Abstract Submissions: August 23, 2011

The abstract should be sent electronically directly to AMS using the Abstract Submission form.

Schedule of talks as submitted to the AMS (with links to abstracts):

Friday, October 14
4:00     Maggy Tomova, Width is not additive
4:30     Adam Lowrance, A categorification of the Tutte polynomial
5:00     Rachel Roberts, Right-veering automorphisms of surfaces and overtwisted contact structures
5:30     Yo'av Rieck, Cosmetic surgery on links and the link volume of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Saturday, October 15
9:00     Oliver Dasbach, Rogers-Ramanujan type identities coming from the colored Jones polynomial
9:30     Keiko Kawamuro, Open book foliations and contact manifolds
10:00   Carmen Caprau, The Kauffman polynomial and trivalent graphs
10:30   William Jaco, Minimal triangulations for infinite families of 3--manifolds

2:30     Shelly Harvey, Combinatorial Floer Homology for Spatial Graphs
3:00     Kenneth Baker, Bridge Numbers and Integral Surgery
3:30     Kristopher Williams, Complements of line arrangements in the complex projective plane
4:00     Jessica Purcell, Guts of surfaces and the colored Jones polynomial

Sunday, October 16
8:30     Thang Le, On the AJ Conjecture
9:00     Alissa Crans, Generalized Alexander Polynomials for Virtual Knots
9:30     Sam Nelson, Twisted Virtual Biracks
10:00   Heather Dye, Smoothed Parity Invariants
10:30   Charles Frohman, Projective representations of the mapping class Groups of surfaces coming from extended TQFT.

Travel, lodging, parking, dining....

Brian Harbourne's travel and lodging page contains more information than I could possibly assemble about travel and lodging arrangements for the conference.

Travel: The Lincoln airport, LNK, is served by Delta and United, with direct flights to and from Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis. The Omaha airport, OMA, has direct flights to far more places, and there are two shuttle services which will take you to Lincoln. A rental car from OMA can currently (8/25/11) be had for $60-$70 for a 48 hour rental. The 65 mile drive to Lincoln takes (me) about 70 minutes. The airfare markup to fly into Lincoln typically exceeds the cost of the car rental?

Missouri River flooding and I-29: Parts of I-29 in western Iowa south and immediately north of I-80 remain closed due to flooding along the Missouri river. The Iowa DOT Flooding page has a detailed map of the closures. Recent news reports indicate that the highway may not reopen before late this year. Those of you planning to drive to the conference from the south and east should take this into account in your travel plans. I-80 remains open at the Missouri River crossing; the Iowa DOT site recommends taking either I-35 to Des Moines or I-70 to US 81 to York, and proceeding along I-80.

Lodging: Special room rates have been negotiated with the Holiday Inn Downtown, the Embassy Suites, and the Suburban Hotel. The Embassy is closest to campus, the Holiday Inn is closest to the majority of restaurants and is the main conference hotel, and the Suburban is on the far side of downtown (and significantly less expensive). As Brian's page states, you should call the hotel directly and ask for ``in house'' reservations in order to get the negotiated rate, mentioning the AMS meeting.

Parking: All non-garage parking in downtown Lincoln is metered; there is a parking garage on campus near Memorial Stadium (which the mathematics department is adjacent to) which we are being told *not* to tell you to park in, for reasons I have yet to understand. You can find a map of garage parking here. The garage adjacent to the Holiday Inn is owned by the hotel; parking next to the Surburban is surface parking and (I think) free.

Food: There are restaurants throughout the downtown area of Lincoln; a map and guide to downtown can be found here. We will have copies of this in some form for when you arrive.

Talks: All session talks will take place in Avery Hall and the buildings adjacent; some plenary talks will take place in the City Campus Union. A map of campus highlighting these two buildings can be found here; a rotated map, better for printing, is here.

When we have final confirmation of the room(s) for our session, detailed information on the equipment to be found in the room(s) will be posted here.

Wireless: The campus has a wireless network that is free for visitors, but which requires the registration of your computer's MAC address in order to access. Registration can be done either (less than 30 days) ahead of time, at, or, with a reported 10 minute delay, by connecting directly to the "UNL-Wireless-Registration" network upon your arrival on campus. There are side-by-side encrypted and unencrypted networks throughout campus; connection to the encrypted network (for greater security) requires some slightly non-standard configuration of the connection, which campus IT provides a walkthrough for.