Graph Theory

AMS Special Session
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, October 21–23, 2005


This session will be comprised of twenty 20 minute talks,
with 10 minutes between each talk for questions and

The goal of the session is to present current research
in all areas of graph theory.

According to the tentative schedule, the session starts
at 1:45 PM on Friday and ends at 11:30 AM on Sunday.


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Jamie Radcliffe

Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo

Jonathan Cutler


You may want to register your laptop with the local wireless network at UNL before your arrival. Click here and follow the link to visitor registration.

Also, if you are planning to do a computer presentation, it may be best for you to email your presentation to Jamie Radcliffe before you arrive.



1.45 Jonathan Cutler (UNL)

2.15 Linda Eroh (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

2.45 Sergei Bezrukov (University of Wisconsin-Superior)

3.15 Jozef Skokan (Universidade de São Paulo)


8.30 Dalibor Froncek (University of Minnesota Duluth)

9.00 Robert Morris (University of Memphis)

9.30 Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo (Valparaiso University)

10.00 Anant Godbole (Eastern Tennessee State University)

10.30 Dhruv Mubayi (University of Illinois at Chicago)

11.00 József Balogh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

3.00 Michael Pelsmajer (Illinois Institute of Technology)

3.30 Amites Sarkar (University of Memphis)

4.00 Maria Axenovich (Iowa State University)

4.30 Heather Jordon (Illinois State University)


9.30 Gayla Domke (Purdue University North Central)

10.00 Robert Jajcay (Indiana State University)

10.30 Henry Glover (Ohio State University)