Hayley Anne Olson

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Department of Mathematics.

Hello there! I am a second year graduate student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Before coming out to the Midwest, I earned a BS in Mathematics from Gonzaga University in May 2017. My research interests are in partial differential equations and nonlocal operators.


The following are a handful of papers which were written during my time in undergrad. It will soon (hopefully) be updated with papers written during my time in graduate school.

  • S. Beres, V. Coufal, K. Hlavacek, M. K. Kearney, R. Lattanzi, H. Olson, J. Pereira and B. Strub.
    A classification of Klein links as torus links.
    Involve. 11, no.4, (2018), 609—624.
  • J. Harnois, H. Olson and R. Trapp
    Hyperbolic tangle surgeries and nested links.
    Algebraic and Geometric Topology. 18, no.3, (2018), 1573-1602.
  • S. Beres, V. Coufal, M. K. Kearney, R. Lattanzi and H. Olson.
    Linking Numbers of Klein Links. Preprint.


The following are courses which I have taught here at University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

  • Math 106R - Calculus I Recitation (Fall 2017)
  • Math 107R - Calculus II Recitation (Spring 2018)
  • Math 810T - Algebra for Algebra Teachers (Summer 2018, Co-Instructor)
  • Math 100A - Intermediate Algebra (Fall 2018)

Curriculum Vitae

In case you didn’t find all the information about me you were hoping for, here’s my CV for your perusing pleasure.

Contact Me

  • Office: Avery Hall 236
  • Email: hayley.olson@huskers.unl.edu