Hi! I'm Wendy Hines. I am an assistant professor of mathematics at UNL. I began

here in Fall 1993. Before that, I received my PhD from Georgia Tech.



My research is in the area of dynamical systems. Currently I am working on

discretized delay equations and continuity of attractors and Morse sets with

respect to the disctretization timestep. This work is in my paper with Tomas

Gedeon entitled Continuity of Morse Sets With Respect to the Discretization



Summer Camp

This summer I am teaching a summer math camp for high school girls.

I'm teaching a course on Iterations of Functions. Soon we will be doing

stairstep diagrams to graphically show the orbit of an iterated function.

Here's an example.


We will also be doing bifurcation diagrams. Here's the bifurcation diagram for

the logistic equation.


You can find the notes for this in Iterations.


It's a great experience! It is not very often that a teacher gets to teach 14 students who really

want to learn!