Special Session on Algebraic Geometry and Graded Commutative Algebra (Code: SS 8A)


Other Special Sessions of Interest

Confirmed Speakers:

Hirotachi Abo
Enrico Carlini
Annika Denkert
Sara Faridi
Chris Francisco
Anthony V. Geramita
Tai Ha
Nickolas Hein
Mike Janssen
Uwe Nagel
Tina O'Keefe
Leslie Roberts
Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Alexandra Seceleanu
Greg Smith
Sandra Spiroff
Doug Torrance
Fabrizio Zanello

Room Equipment:

We don't yet know what room we'll be in, but rooms typically have blackboards and/or whiteboards, and electronic projectors whose inputs can come from either a document camera, a laptop or a usb drive plugged into the computer in the room. There is also a wireless network that visitors can access if they want to be on-line. (You need to register your laptop before you arrive in order to be able to access the campus wireless network. Here are instructions.)