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Harbourne's Fall 2011 Math 901

Instructor: Brian Harbourne      Class Room: Oldfather Hall 304
Office: 331 Avery Hall           Time: 11:30 -- 12:20pm MWF
Tel.: 402-472-4476
Email:      Web:
Office Hours: 12:30-1:20 MWF, and other times by appointment, but feel free to drop 
      by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can make an arrangement for later.
Text: Algebra (revised 3rd ed.), by S. Lang. (Other books are also useful, 
for example, Hungerford's Algebra, Jacobson's Basic Algebra I and II, Dummit 
and Foote's Abstract Algebra, etc. It's good to look at various authors' 
approach to the notions we'll study.)