Harbourne's Math 417 Introduction to Algebra

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Time: 2:30-3:20 MWF
Room: 308 Oldfather Hall

Office: 935 Oldfather Hall
Office Hours:   The half hour after class, or other times by appointment, 
   but feel free to drop by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can 
   make an arrangement for later.
Tel.: 402-472-4476
email: bharbour@math.unl.edu
web: http://www.math.unl.edu/~bharbour/

Homework Assignments


We will cover topics on group theory and possibly ring theory, depending on the interests of the class, using the book Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 5th edition, by Gallian.


To learn about some of the structures important in modern day mathematics, and to develop proof writing skills.


               2 hour exams, worth                20% each
               homework average, worth            40%
               Final Exam, worth                  20%

               Homework will be collected weekly.
               The final is comprehensive.
               Date and Time of Final Exam:       Wed., May 7, 1-3 pm

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