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Harbourne's Spring 2011 Math 203E

Required ACE statement

ACE Outcome 3: This course satisfies ACE Outcome 3. You will apply mathematical reasoning and computations to draw conclusions, solve problems, and learn to check to see if your answer is reasonable. Your instructor will provide examples, you will discuss them in class, and you will practice with numerous homework problems. The quizzes will test how well you've mastered the material.

Instructor: Brian Harbourne      Class Room: Henzlik Hall 107
Office: 331 Avery Hall           Time: 10:30 -- 11:20am MWF
Tel.: 402-472-4476
Email:      Web:
Office Hours: 12:30-1:20 MWF, and other times by appointment, but feel free to drop 
      by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can make an arrangement for later.
Text: The Heart of Mathematics, edition 2, by Burger and Starbird. 
      You do not need to buy the book; you can check out your copy for the semester from the 
      Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education (2nd floor, Avery Hall), 
      but you'll need to return the book unmarked and in good condition at the end of the semester.
      Bring the book to class each day.