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Harbourne's Math 106 Calc I

Time: 1:30-2:20 MWF
Room: 341 Avery Hall

Office: 935 Oldfather Hall
Office Hours:   2:30-3:30   MWF, and other times by appointment, 
   but feel free to drop by my office anytime. If I'm busy, we can 
   make an arrangement for later.
Tel.: 402-472-4476
email: bharbour@math.unl.edu
web: http://www.math.unl.edu/~bharbour/

Location of Final

If you are in Heath Hopkin's section, the final will be in Morr 141, at 6 pm, May 3.
If you are in Ben Swanson's section, the final will be in Burn 115, at 6 pm, May 3.

Project Part A Write Up

Here is a sample write up for Part A of the Project.

TI Program Archive and Big Red Integration Package

Syllabus, Gateway Exam, Math Placement Exam and Sample Project

Practice Exams

Your Calculus TAs

Grade Scales, Averages and Semester Grades

There will be four hour exams. (After each exam I will post here the grade scale, grade distribution and median score on the exam.) In addition, there will be periodic quizzes, a two part project, the Gateway Exam and the Final Exam. Your Semester Grade will be determined by averaging your grades on these items with the following weights:
               3 hour exams worth                100 points each
               recitation quiz average worth     100 points
               project, parts A and B, worth      20 and 30 points
               Gateway Exam worth                 50 points
               Final Exam worth                  200 points

               Total                             700 points

Here is some information about the exam and semester grades.
The grade scales:
          Total   A   B   C   D   Median 
  Exam 1:    50  43  36  29  22       34 
  Exam 2:    50  43  36  29  22       34 
  Exam 3:    50  43  36  29  22       25 
   Final:   200 170 145 120 100      127 (including all sections of M106)

The number of As, Bs, etc.: 
             A   B   C   D   F
  Exam 1:    7  10  18  10   2
  Exam 2:   10  11  14   7   5
  Exam 3:    1   5   9  14  17
   Final:   36  60  83  53  67  (including all sections of M106)
Semester:    2  11  18  12  10    

Note: To give everyone a chance to raise their score 
on the exam, I'll put an extra credit problem on exam 2.
I'll take this problem verbatim from exam 1, except I'll
change some of the numbers. Whatever points you earn on this
extra credit problem will be added to your original score
on exam 1, which will then be rescaled according to the 
same scale used before. Thus if you had a 35 on exam 1 and 
earn 3 points extra credit, your new exam 1 score would be 
38, which scales to 83%.