KUMUNU 2009: September 19-20

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The talks will be given in 115 Avery Hall, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Some support for Travel and Lodging is available. Click here for details.

REGISTRATION: To help us prepare for the conference reception, and to
collect demographic information for use in applying for support next year,
we ask everyone to take a moment to register for the conference,
using our on-line registration page.


Program starts Saturday, September 19 around noon.
Reception Saturday evening.
Program ends Sunday, September 20 at noon.

Confirmed Speakers

Speaker  Institution Abbreviated Title (click for abstract)
Erin Chamberlain  Brigham Young  Infinite Cohen-Macaulay Posets and Non-Noetherian Stanley-Reisner Rings
Chin-Yi Jean Chan  Central Michigan  Hilbert-Kunz functions of modules...
Kia Dalili  Missouri  Asymptotic behavior of value semi-groups
Ananth Hariharan  Nebraska  Approximating Artinian Rings by Gorenstein Rings
Chris Peterson  Colorado State  Examples of numerical computations for discrete data
Javid Validashti  Kansas  Multiplicities, integral dependence and equisingularity theory
Sarah Witherspoon  Texas A & M  Representation type and support varieties

Note: Visitors with laptops can access UNL's wireless network by registering before arrival.

Suggested Lodging

Additional Lodging Choices

For further information about the conference please contact
Susan Cooper, scooper4@math.unl.edu,
Brian Harbourne, bharbour@math.unl.edu, or
Marilyn Johnson mjohnson11@unl.edu (402-472-8822).

Two other activities that may be of interest:

[1] Claudia Polini is giving a colloquium on "Blow-up Algebras", Friday, September 18, at 4 pm, for those who happen to be here early.

[2] Also, there is a concert of Indian Classical Music hosted by RAAG. The concert starts at 7pm at the City Campus Union, and runs until 8:30pm; admission is $10 (tickets are available at the door).

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