The Commutative Algebra Group at UNL

Research Interest Blurbs

A Well Defined Group with a Range of Interests

Lucho Avramov
Dale M. Jensen Chair of Mathematics
Commutative algebra
Lucho Photo Brian Harbourne
Algebraic geometry &
commutative algebra
Brian Photo
Srikanth Iyengar
Willa Cather Professor
Commutative algebra and
modular representation theory of finite groups

(Photo credit: New York Times, June 29, 2003)
Srikanth Photo

Tom Marley
Professor, Director of Nebraska IMMERSE
Commutative Algebra
Tom Photo

Alexandra Seceleanu
Edith T. Hitz Research Assistant Professor
Commutative algebra
with an interest in homological methods and
connections to algebraic geometry

Alexandra Photo

Judy Walker
Aaron Douglas Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics
Algebraic Coding Theory
Judy Photo
Mark Walker
Algebraic K-theory,
commutative algebra and algebraic geometry
Mark Photo Roger Wiegand
Willa Cather Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Commutative algebra
(homology and represenation theory of
finitely generated modules over local rings)
Roger Photo
Sylvia Wiegand
Professor Emerita of Mathematics
Commutative algebra
Sylvia Photo Wenliang Zhang
Assistant Professor
Commutative algebra/algebraic geometry (char p)
Wenliang Photo

But what are:

Commutative Algebra?

Algebraic Geometry?