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ISBN: 012403330X
Title: Difference Equations
Author: KELLEY
Cover: CaseBound
US Price: $69.95

An Introduction with Applications SECOND EDITION

Walter G. Kelley University of Oklahoma, Norman

Allan C. Peterson University of Nebraska, Lincoln

This book uses elementary analysis and linear algebra to investigate solutions of difference equations. Some of the techniques discussed are summation methods, generating functions, z-transforms, theory of linear equations, matrix methods, stability, chaos, asymptotic methods, Green's functions, finite Fourier analysis, variational methods, fixed point theorems, and connections with differential equations. Applications of difference equations to combinatorics, geometry, epidemiology, special functions, economics, population biology, numerical analysis, circuit analysis, differential equations, and other fields have been included. Many examples of the theory are given, and there are a large number of exercises, with difficulty ranging from elementary calculation to investigation of new ideas or applications. The new edition also includes an appendix on the use of computer algebra systems.



Preface. Introduction. The Difference Calculus. Linear Difference Equations. Stability Theory. Asymptotic Methods. The Self-Adjoint Second Order Linear Equation. The Sturm-Liouville Problem. Discrete Calculus of Variations. Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Equations. Partial Difference Equations. Appendix. Answers to Selected Problems. References. Index.

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