Errata for Real Analysis with Real Applications
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page    Pgraph  line    change
----chapter  7-------------------------------------------------------------------
124      last    3      change "x,y in V" to "x,y,z in V"   
----chapter l2-------------------------------------------------------------------
321      2       3      Before  "Then ...", insert  "Fix x_0>a. Let a_0 =
                          sup {a} \cup { x : a < x <= x_0 tau(x) = 0 }.
                          Notice that ||G(a_0)-F(a_0)|| \le delta.
                          If a_0 = x_0, then G(x_0) = F(x_0) and the
                          inequality is trivial.
                          Otherwise, tau(x) > 0 on (a_0,x_0) and thus tau
                          is differentiable on this interval."
                        Change "Then" to "Then for x in (a_0,x_0), we have"
321      last    8      Change "a" to "a_0" in five places.
322      1       1      Change only the first two "a"'s to "a_0".
322      1       3      Change "a" to "a_0" in two places.
322      1       3      Add "In particular, the above inequality holds for
                        x=x_0 and, as x_0 is
                        an arbitrary point on (a,b], the result follows."


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