A List of Articles and Books helpful in Analysis

by Allan Donsig


This page is a list of articles or books that contain material useful in teaching analysis, particularly articles on the history of the subject. It is, as the saying goes, Under Construction and is a long way from being a finished product.


A Note on the History of the Cantor Set and Cantor Function, by Julian F. Fleron, Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 67, No. 2. (Apr., 1994), pp. 136-140. JSTOR link
In Praise of y = x^(alpha)sin(1/x), H. Turgay Kaptanoglu, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 108, No. 2. (Feb., 2001), pp. 144-150. JSTOR link
Remarks on a Known Example of a Montone Continuous Function E. Hille, J.D. Tamarkin The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 36, No. 5. (May, 1929), pp. 255-264. JSTOR link