[1] The edges of a rectangular box are 3, 4, and 5 inches, respectively. What is the surface area of the box?
Ans. 94 sq. in.
[2] Factor completely the polynomial 4 x2 + x - 3.
Ans. (4x - 3)(x +1)
[3] A trapezoid has bases of lengths 4 and 6, respectively. If its height is 5, what is its area?
Ans. 25
[4] What is the probability of randomly picking, without replacement, 2 red balls out of a bin of 4 red and 5 white balls?
Ans. 1/6
[5] What is the sum of the odd numbers from 1 to 19, inclusive?
Ans. 100
[6] What is the highest power of 3 that divides 10! ?
Ans. 4
[7] What is the area of the triangle bounded by the coordinate axes and the line y = x + 4?
Ans. 8
[8] How many faces has a tetrahedron?
Ans. 4
[9] What is the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle with legs of length 2 and 4?
Ans. 2
[10] Who is credited with the discovery of gravity?
Ans. Isaac Newton
[11] Which is larger, pi/2, 2e/3, or the square root of 2?
Ans. 2e/3
[12] Who is famous for giving the first accurate mathematical model of our solar system, and in what century was he born?
Ans. Johannes Kepler, 16th century
[13] An open box of length L, width W, and height H is to be constructed. The square foot cost of the material for the base is $.60 and the material for the sides is $.20. Express the cost in terms of L if W = 2H and L = 2W.
Ans. Cost = .315 L2 dollars
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