Math Club Events

Spring 2018

Thursday, January 18 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: Info Session on Mathematical Modeling, MCM and SCUDEM

Did you know you can learn about modeling everyday situations using math and take part in prestigious international math events right here at UNL?

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an international contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. A team may consist of up to three students from the same school and is open to all undergraduate and high school students.

The Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling (SCUDEM) is open for three member teams of students at the undergraduate or lower level. SCUDEM takes place over a week-long period that begins on a Monday at each team’s individual home campus and culminates on Competition Saturday at a regional host site in the United States and beyond. UNL will be hosting SCUDEM in April 2018.

The Math Club will organize training sessions for these contests for interested students.

Thursday, January 25, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: Graphs on a Train !
Presentation by professor Ranjan Rohatgi from St. Mary's College, IN

In this talk we will characterize and count graphs that have two properties: each vertex is incident to three edges and the graph must arise from a permutation. It turns out that essentially every graph of this type can is made up of subgraphs we call boxcars, which, when combined appropriately, means that all of these graphs look like trains! This is joint work with Aysel Erey, Zachary Gershkoff, and Amanda Lohss.

Friday - Sunday, January 26-28: The 20th annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

Participate in this conference for an opportunity to meet outstanding women undergraduates who share your interest in the mathematical sciences. Many of the undergraduate participants, who have already done research, will present their results.

Tuesday February 6, 3:30 pm in 18 Avery Hall: Social event Human Graph Theory and Human Knot Theory

Join the Math Club for interactive games and refreshments in the undergraduate lounge.

Thursday, March 8 5-7 pm in 345 Avery Hall: 5-th Career Perspectives in Math Lecture

Presentation by Christina Sposato staff engineer at Intel Corporation.

Friday and Saturday, April 20-21: The 5th Central States Mathematics Undergraduate Reseach Conference

The Central States Mathematics Undergraduate Research conferences is a celebration of research in mathematics performed by undergraduate students. The 2018 conference marks the fourth installment in this series and the first one which will take place at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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