Math Club Events

Fall 2018

Thursday, August 30, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: Knot Theory

Presentation by professor Alex Zupan.

Thursday, September 13, 5-6 pm in 351 Avery Hall: Introduction to Math Modeling

Presentation by graduate student Elizabeth Carlson.

Modeling is a process that uses math to provide insight into real world phenomena; see this video for a quick introduction. Come see how you can apply the math that you know and get involved in math modeling activities right here at UNL.

Friday, October 19 4-5 pm in 115 Avery Hall: 12-th annual Pi Mu Epsilon Lecture

Presented by professor Robert Ghrist - Andrea Mitchell university professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Friday - Saturday, October 19-27: Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling SCUDEM III 2018

The Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling (SCUDEM) is open for three member teams of students at the undergraduate or lower level. SCUDEM takes place over a week-long period that begins on a Friday at each team’s individual home campus and culminates on Competition Saturday at a regional host site in the United States and beyond. UNL will be hosting SCUDEM III in October 2018.

Math Club will organize training sessions for these contests for interested students.

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