The Third Annual Regional Workshop in the Mathematical Sciences

As the contents of this page are of a past conference, no attempt to update the page has been made in order to preserve the historical context.

Directions to the Meakins' house

Go east to 27th Street (about a mile east of the University of Nebraska Union). Turn right (south) and proceed in reverse lexicographic order to "A" Street (traffic light). Continue another half mile to South Street (traffic light). Continue two more blocks to Sewell Street. Turn right (west) and find a place to park either on Sewell Street or on Sheridan (which is generally diagonal but at this latitude is one block west of 27th Street). Park Street (one block south of Sewell) would also be a good place to park. The house is on the northeast corner of Sewell Street and Sheridan Boulevard. The address is 2248 Sheridan Boulevard, and the phone number is 477-4886.