Practice Math Placement Exam

Answers to the Practice Math Placement Exam

Taking and Scoring the MPE

The MPE has 4 parts: Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are also labeled Beginning Algebra (BA), Advanced Algebra (AA), Pre-calculus (PC) and Trigonometry (TR). When you take the real MPE, the software will start you in AA. If you do poorly on AA, it will then give you BA. If you do well on AA, it will give you PC and then TR. On this practice exam, we suggest you take at least the first three parts, and then part 4 if you have had a trigonometry course. Wrong answers are penalized. If you are not fairly certain how to do a problem, leave it blank. The actual scoring scheme on each part is 1 point for each blank and 3 points for each correct answer, but 0 points for each wrong answer with 10 questions per part.

If your score is 19 or less, in a part, you might want to review using a Schaum's Outline Series Study Guide which can be purchased online (Amazon or Follet websites) or at most large bookstores.

  1. Review for Part 1: Schaum's Outline Elementary Algebra
  2. Review for Part 2: Schaum's Outline Intermediate Algebra
  3. Review for Part 3: Schaum's Outline Pre-calculus (skip trigonometry)
  4. Review for Part 4: Schaum's Outline Pre calculus
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