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Thursday, November 5, 4 pm on Zoom at this link, Meeting ID: 977 8593 8251 Passcode: 387117

Math talk by Shahriyar Roshan Zamir

Title: Subgroups of Groups of Units Modulo n

Abstract: The group U(n) of units modulo n is useful in algebra, number theory and computer science. Inspired by Gallian and Rusin’s 1980 paper, we investigate some subgroups of U(n). In particular, we give a complete classification of these subgroups and their factor groups for several special cases.

If you missed the course preview, here is the link for the video.

Previous Events

Thursday, October 22, 4 pm on Zoom this link, password: 542218

Course Preview for Spring 2021

The Math Club's most popular event each semester. The course instructors for the 400-level Math courses scheduled for the Spring 2021 semester will present information about their upcoming courses. The 400-level Advanced Math courses current scheduled for Spring 2021 include MATH 415, MATH 423, MATH 428, MATH 435, MATH 447, and MATH 471.

If you missed the course preview, no problem! Here is the link for the video.

Monday, October 5, 4 pm on Zoom at this link, password: 569393

What is math research and how do I get involved?

AWM Student Chapter Event

The UNL chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics invites you to a panel on Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) on Monday, October 5th from 4 – 5 pm. We will provide a summary of what these types of programs involve, the benefits of participating in undergraduate research, and tips on applying to REUs. There will be plenty of time to address any specific questions you may have. Everyone is welcome at our AWM events regardless of their major; we especially encourage students of all under-represented genders to attend. No membership is required.

Thursday, October 1, 4 pm on Zoom at this link, password: Avery351

Math talk by Jack Jeffries

Title: Sharing a square pizza

Abstract: We might not have had this problem recently, but here's a problem from more normal times. Pizza, as we all know, should be eaten in triangular slices. Given a square pizza, is there a way to cut it into triangular slices of equal size? If we want two, four, or six slices, you'll succeed. If we want three, five, or seven slices, we'll at least struggle. In fact, it's impossible to cut a square into an odd number of triangles of equal area. Even more fun than this fact is the surprising set of tools we'll use to see it. Only a basic familiarity with pizza is assumed as background.

Thursday, September 24, 4:30 pm on Zoom at this link, password Avery351

Math talk by Juliana Bukoski

Title: Symmetry and [Inverse Semi]Groups

Abstract: A group is an important mathematical object that captures the idea of symmetry. For example, rotations and reflections of an equilateral triangle can be expressed as a group. But what about the symmetries of something like the Sierpinski Triangle, which is made up of three smaller Sierpinski Triangles? In this talk, I will define what a group is and give some examples of groups. Then we will look at how we can tweak the definition in order to capture these "partial symmetries".

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