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Thursday, November 14, 4-5 pm in 351 Avery Hall:

This Title is False: Hilbert, Gödel, Turing and the Beautiful Futility of Mathematics

Presentation by graduate student J.D. Nir.

In a well known XKCD comic, scientific fields are arranged by purity with mathematics all the way at the end labeled "more pure." We love math because it is rigorous and clear cut; there's a right answer and we know how to find it. We deal with truth and certainty, right?

In this talk, we examine the foundation of these claims. Does math rest on a solid bedrock of truth, or is it turtles all the way down? What does it mean to be "true" anyway? We will investigate the very heart of mathematics and find it is not the well-oiled machine we pretend it is. After pulling back the curtain and seeing math for what it really is, will you still find it beautiful?

Previous Events

Thursday, October 17, 2-3 pm in 351 Avery Hall:

What do I want to be when I grow up? Tales from a UNL math student

In this talk Dr. Joyce Yen, a 1995 graduate of the UNL math department, will share stories about how her interests in mathematics took her from Nebraska to Michigan to Washington, with stops along the way around the world from Ireland to Greece to New Zealand and beyond. Along the way she found her professional identity expanding from being a mathematician to an engineer to a change agent in science and engineering.

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The Math Club is an umbrella organization for mathematics-related activities open to all UNL students. The Math Club sponsors events throughout the academic year in association with the Nebraska Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon and the Women Undergraduates in Mathematics at Nebraska.

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Pi Mu Epsilon (ΠΜΕ)

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society that promotes scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. UNL's Nebraska Alpha Chapter, founded in 1928, was the 15th chapter out of over 350 chapters around the country.

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