Conference on Current Topics in Survey Sampling

Lincoln, Nebraska, October 24–26, 1997

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences, Gallup Research Center of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the Gallup Organization, NORC at the University of Chicago and the National Center for Health Statistics will sponsor a conference on Current Topics in Survey Sampling on October 24–26, 1997, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The U.S. National Science Foundation has provided support for the conference. The conference will start at 2:30 PM on October 24, 1997, and end around noon on October 26, 1997. The Scientific Organizing Committee consists of:

  • Manas Chattopadhyay, The Gallup Organization, Inc.
  • Malay Ghosh, University of Florida
  • Partha Lahiri, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Sharon Lohr, Arizona State University
  • Allan McCutcheon, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Alastair Scott, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Joseph Sedransk, Case Western Reserve University
  • Jun Shao, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Lynne Stokes, University of Texas at Austin
  • Robert Tortora , The Gallup Organization

There will be approximately 25 invited papers on telephone surveys, non-sampling errors, analysis of complex survey data and small area estimation. The following researchers have agreed to present papers in the invited sessions:

Robert Groves, Robert Tortora, Lynn Kuo, Sharon Lohr, Glen Meeden, Alan Zaslavsky, Michael Sinclair, Leonard Stefanski, Douglas Maynard, McKee McClendon, Allan McCutcheon, John Eltinge, Jun Shao, Daniel Pfeffermann, Wayne Fuller, Alastair Scott, William Bell, Gauri Datta, David Scott, Joseph Sedransk, Malay Ghosh, Elizabeth Stasny, Michael Larsen Jack Whalen and Avi Singh

The keynote speaker for the conference is Professor J.N.K. Rao.

Travel support for a few graduate students, young researchers (5 years from Ph.D.) and/or underrepresented groups is available. In order to apply for such a support, please send your vita and a letter of recommendation to P.Lahiri at the following address by August 15, 1997.

We plan to have a poster session of selected papers. If you wish to present a paper (on any topic of interest), please send the title and an abstract (less than 200 words) to P.Lahiri at the following address by August 15, 1997.

If you are interested in attending the conference or presenting a paper in the poster session, please send the following completed form and the required registration fee by August 15, 1995 to P.Lahiri , Dept. of Math./Stat., 922 Oldfather Hall, Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588–0323, USA (email:; FAX: 402 472–8466). The registration fee is $100 ($30 for students) and will cover the banquet, two box lunches and refreshments. Please make your check payable to the Dept. of Math./Stat., UNL. We regret that we cannot accept payments by any other methods.

This page will be periodically updated in order to provide you the latest information about the conference.


1. Name:



2. Affiliation:__________________________________________________________

3. Position:_______________________________

4. Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________

5. Phone Number:_____________________________

6. Email Address:____________________________

7. FAX Number:_______________________________

8. Please check one of the following:

   (a) Will attend but will not present a paper in the poster

   (b) Will present a paper in the poster session:___________

    (please send the title and the abstract of your presentation by 
     August 15, 1997)

9. Registration Fee: $100 (Students: $30)
   Please make your check payable to the Dept. of Math./Stat., UNL
   We regret that we cannot accept payments by any other methods.
   Please send the registration fee by August 15, 1997.