A Conference on Polynomial Maps and the Jacobian Conjecture

In honour of the mathematical work of Gary Meisters

The Program

May 10
Morning session
Olech C. Olech How it al started...
Saeki S. Saeki On the Epicenter of TILFs
Nillsen R. Nillsen A Tilt at TILFs
Afternoon session
Bebernes J. Bebernes Nonlocal Problems Modelling the Formation of Shear Bands
Campbell L.A. Campbell Picturing Pinchuk's Plane Polynomial Pair
Coomes B. Coomes Shadowing and Polynomial Flows: Some `Connections'
Yu J.-T. Yu Polynomial Retracts and the Jacobian Conjecture
Gasull A. Gasull Sufficient Conditions for Global Asymptotic Stability
May 10
Morning session
Adjamagbo K. Adjamagbo TBA
Parthasarathy T. Parthasarathy Real Jacobian Conjecture and Cubic Linear Mappings
Chamberland M. Chamberland The Jacobian Conjecture and the Mountain Pass Theorem
Wright D. Wright On the 2-dimensional Jacobian Conjecture and Affine Varieties Containing C2
Afternoon session
Gorni G. Gorni On the Relations between Cubic-Homogeneous and Cubic-Linear Polynomial Mappings
Freudenburg G. Freudenburg Ga-actions obtained by local slice constructions
Hubbers E. Hubbers Cubic Similarity in Dimension Five
Essen A. van den Essen The King of the Talking Frogs and Polynomial Automorphisms

The Participants

Group Photo

From left to right:

First row: Anna Cima, Raïssa van den Essen, Kristi Lampe, Jie-Tai Yu, L. Andrew Campbell, Marc Chamberland, Mary Ellen Meisters, T. Parthasarathy, Sandra van den Essen, Daniel Daigle
Second row: David Finston, David Wright, Brian Coomes, Pascal Adjamagbo, Arno van den Essen, Gary Hosler Meisters, Czeslaw Olech, Jack K. Hale
Third row: Engelbert Hubbers, Rodney Nillsen, Armengol Gasull, Sadahiro Saeki, Allan Peterson, Jim Deveney, Robert McLeod, Carl Langenhop, Gene Freudenburg, Carmen Chicone, Jerry Bebernes, Gianluca Gorni

Edited by Engelbert Hubbers