Homotopy Theory and Applications Conference

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, April 3-5, 2009


The intent is to bring together builders and users of homotopy theory for an exchange of problems, ideas, and intuition. There will be eight or nine 50-minute talks, to help ignite conversations.

The meeting is planned around a public lecture by Mike Hopkins on 3rd April 2009, as part of the annual Rowlee Lecture Series at UNL.

The conference begins at 8:45 AM on 4th April, a Saturday, and will end at 12:30 PM on 5th April. Tentative Schedule.

Please email Srikanth if you would like to attend. We should be delighted if you can be present for Hopkins' lecture as well.


General information on travel to Lincoln.


Maps of campus and Lincoln.

Rooms have been blocked at two hotels that are both within 10 minutes walk from campus:

Holiday Inn (402-475-4011) at $92 per night for a single/double room. Use reservation code "top" for on-line reservations. For phone reservations ask for "in house" reservations; mention that it is for the topology conference.

Suburban(402-475-3000) at $50 per night for a double occupancy room. Please call the hotel to get these rates; these will not apply if you use the on-line reservation.

For other options see Local Hotels.

Participants (tentative)

Ben Anderson (Fargo)
Benjamin Antieau (Chicago)
Aravind Asok (UCLA)
Agnes Beaudry (Northwestern)
Julie Bergner* (Riverside)
Andrew Blumberg* (Stanford)
Lars Christensen (Lubbock)
Timothy Clark (Northwestern)
Hailong Dao* (Lawrence)
Daniel Davis (Louisiana-Lafayette)
Graham Denham (London, Ontario)
Dan Dugger* (Eugene)
Bill Dwyer (Notre Dame)
Tony Elmendorf (Purdue Calumet)
Tom Fiore (Chicago)
David Gepner* (Chicago)
Bert Guillou (Urbana-Champaign)
Christian Haesemeyer* (UCLA)
Ananth Hariharan (Lawrence)
Mark Hovey* (Weslyan)
Mike Hopkins* (Harvard)
Alina Iacob (Georgia Southern)
Bethany Kubik (Fargo)
Kier Lockridge (Wake Forest)
John Magginis (Manhattan, Kansas)
Mike Mandell (Bloomington)
Claudia Miller (Syracuse)
Mona Mocanasu (Denver)
Muhammad Naeem Ahmad (Manhattan, Kansas)
Jumpei Nogami (Urbana-Champaign)
Mara Neusel (Lubbock)
Julia Pevtsova* (Seattle)
Greg Piepmeyer (Columbia, Missouri)
Marcy Robertson (Chicago)
Don Stanley (Regina)
Vesna Stojanoska (Northwestern)
Victor Turchin (Manhattan, Kansas)
Jim Turner (Calvin College)
Javid Validashti (Lawrence)
Sean Sather-Wagstaff (Fargo)
John Walker Barry (Northwestern)
Rich Wicklein (Fargo)
Shizhuo Zhang (Manhattan, Kansas)

(* = speaker)


Luchezar Avramov
Srikanth Iyengar
Brooke Shipley
Mark Walker