The Centennial Celebration of Commutative Algebra Schedule

Centennial Celebration of Commutative Algebra


FRIDAY, APRIL 28, Nebraska Union
(14th and R Streets)

7:30–8:15     Continental breakfast

8:15–8:20     Opening Remarks

8:20–9:10     Mel Hochster, University of Michigan, 
                "Test exponents and localization of tight closure"

9:10–9:20      Short Break

Parallel sessions of twenty-minute talks:

9:20–9:40a    Martine Picavet, Universite' Blaise 
                Pascal, "Factorization functions in weakly factorial                            
                quadratic orders"

9:20–9:40b    Keith Pardue, Institute for Defense Analyses,
                "Betti numbers and semi-regular sequences"

9:40–9:50      Short Break

9:50–10:10a     Sophie Frisch, Technische Universitaet Graz,
                "Hilbert's Nullstellensatz for rings of
                integer-valued polynomials"
9:50–10:10a     Adela Vraciu, University of Michigan,
                "Strong test ideals"

10:10–10:30   20-minute Coffee break in between the rooms

10:30–10:50a  Gabriel Picavet, Universite' Blaise Pascal,
                "Generalized going-down"
10:30–10:50b  Chin-Yi (Jean) Chan, University of Utah,
                "Euler characteristics and Euler forms"

10:50–11:00    Short Break

11:00–11:20a    Bruce Olberding, Northeast Louisiana University,
                "Krull-Schmidt for ideals and modules over domains"
11:00–11:20b    Ruth Michler, University of North Texas,
                "Groebner bases for symmetric quotients"

11:20–11:30     Short Break

11:30–12:20     Luchezar Avramov, Purdue University,
                "Homology of algebra retracts and of Frobenius
12:20–2:00    Lunch break

2:00–2:50     Christel Rotthaus, Michigan State University,
                "Flatness conditions applied to the construction of
                Noetherian and non-Noetherian rings"

2:50–3:00       Short Break

3:00–3:50     Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri and Northeastern University,
                "On lifting maps of complexes"

3:50–4:20     30-minute break

4:20–4:40     Ira Papick, University of Missouri,
                "Non-divisorial ideals"
4:40–4:50     Short Break

4:50–5:10     Susan Loepp, Williams College,
                "Excellent Local Rings with Low Dimensional Generic
                Formal Fibers"

5:10–5:20     Short Break

5:20–5:40     David Dobbs, University of Tennessee,
                "On the prime spectrum, Krull dimension and
                catenarity of integral domains of the form A +

7:30 (Note new time.) Party at Wiegands' house, 2400 Sheridan

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, Burnett Hall
(12th and T Streets)

7:30–8:25     Continental breakfast

8:30–9:20     Paul Roberts, University of Utah,
                "Modules of finite length and finite projective dimension"

9:30–10:20    Irena Swanson, New Mexico State University,
                "Jacobian ideals of trilinear forms"

10:25–10:55   Coffee break

Parallel sessions of 20-minute talks:

11:00–11:20a  Tom Lucas, University of North Carolina-Charlotte,
                "Degree of sharpness for a Pruefer domain"
11:00–11:20b  Sara Faridi, University of Michigan,
                "The multiple closure of a set of ideals"

11:30–11:50a  Aihua Li, Loyola University - New Orleans,
                "Prime elements of birational extensions of a Noetherian UFD"
11:30–11:50b  Sean Sather-Wagstaff, University of Utah,
                "A dimension inequality for Cohen-Macaulay modules"

12:00–1:25    Lunch break

1:30–2:20     Dale Cutkosky, University of Missouri and 
                Northeastern University,
                "Monomialization of proper morphisms"

2:30–3:20     Craig Huneke, University of Kansas,
                "A new proof of Kunz's conjecture"

3:25–3:55     Break

4:00–4:20     Dan Katz, University of Kansas,
                "Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules:  A small survey"

4:30–4:50     Mark Johnson, University of Arkansas,
                "Equidimensional Symmetric Algebras and Residual Intersections"
5:00–5:20     Susan Morey, Southwest Texas State University,
                "Primes associated to powers of ideals of graphs"

5:30–5:50     Evan Houston, University of North Carolina-Charlotte,
                "On integral domains whose overrings are Kaplansky
                ideal transforms"