The Centennial Celebration of Commutative Algebra Lecturers

Centennial Celebration of Commutative Algebra


The conference will consist of eight 50-minute plenary lectures and about ten to twenty shorter talks, spaced from Friday to Sunday. In addition Thursday afternoon, April 27, 2000, Melvin Hochster will deliver a very general mathematical lecture (the fourth annual Howard Rowlee Lecture) at the University of Nebraska. The plenary lecturers are:

Luchezar Avramov Luchezar Avramov, Purdue University
Dale Cutkosky Dale Cutkosky, University of Missouri
Mel Hochste Mel Hochster, University of Michigan
Craig Huneke Craig Huneke, University of Kansas
Paul Roberts Paul Roberts, University of Utah
Christel Rotthaus Christel Rotthaus, Michigan State University
Hema Srinivasan Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri
Irena Swanson Irena Swanson, New Mexico State University