The Fifth Annual Regional Workshop in the Mathematical Sciences

As the contents of this page are of a past conference, no attempt to update the page has been made in order to preserve the historical context.
2002 Regional Workshop speakers

Plenary talks:

George Avalos, University of Nebraska
Some remarks on mathematical control theory
Bo Deng, University of Nebraska
Of Dynamics and Neuron
Kent M. Eskridge, University of Nebraska
Richard Sincovec, University of Nebraska
Zoran Sunik, University of Nebraska

Parallel session talks:

Algebra and Combinatorics

Jorge Alberto Calvo, Knots and sticks
Colleen Duffy, Mathematical Logic
Steve Haataja, Smaller Symmetries
Ryan Karr, Pell's equation over function fields
Matt Koetz, A Construction of Low Density Parity Check Codes Based on Finite Geometries

Randy Crist, Von Neumann and the quantization of space
Allan Donsig, Rings of Operators
Lance Nielsen, An Increasing Function whose Derivative Equals Zero
Lisa Rezac, An Introduction to Measure Theory with a Special Application - What was Feynman Conjecturing
Taixi Xu, The Reduction of Infinite Dimensional Systems

Applied Mathematics
Richard Avery, p-Laplacian Boundary Value Problems
Bo Deng, Dynamics on neurons and applications
Steve Dunbar, Traveling waves in a diffusion-competition equation modeling contact inhibition
David Logan, The effects of global warming on spider-grasshopper interactions
Bill Wolesensky, Mathematical model of digestion

Computer Science
Witawas Srisa-an, Future Directions for Dynamic Memory Management Research
Qingping Tao, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Machine Learning
Jun Wang, High Performance File and Storage Systems
Wang Yao, Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Networks

Brian J. Fergen, Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Kenneth Hartmann, Multivariate Statistical Methods In Marketing
Gleb Haynatzki, The Statistician at a Medical School
Dwight Galster, Statistics in Medicare Fraud and Abuse Investigation