The Third Annual Regional Workshop in the Mathematical Sciences

As the contents of this page are of a past conference, no attempt to update the page has been made in order to preserve the historical context.
The Third Annual Regional Workshop in the Mathematical Sciences

Friday & Saturday, October 27-28, 2000

University of Nebraska Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nebraska Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Plenary Speakers:

Trent Buskirk [Statistics, UNL]
Allan Donsig [Mathematics, UNL]
Kurt Herzinger [United States Air Force Academy]
Spyros Magliveras [Computer Science, UNL]
Ron Mathsen [North Dakota State University]
Lisa Orlandi-Korner [Mathematics, UNL]

Panel Discussion:

Opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences

Parallel sessions in:

Analysis and Control Theory
Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
Computer Science
Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics
Groups and Semigroups

Contents of These Pages:

Contact Information:

Regional Workshop
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
810 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0323
Phone: (402) 472-3731

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Participants should have planned to arrive by 11:30am Friday, October 27. The workshop ended by 2:15pm, Saturday afternoon, October 28.

Friday afternoon was devoted to plenary talks by the speakers listed above. Friday evening was devoted to a dinner, panel discussion, and reception. A detailed schedule was available. Click here for details on the Friday schedule.

Saturday there were parallel sessions of contributed talks by participants (visitors and UNL faculty and students). A detailed schedule was available after October 10. Click here for details on the Saturday schedule.

All talks were to be aimed at an audience including graduate students and advanced undergraduates.


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  • UNL City Campus Union
  • Burnett Hall
  • Morrill Hall
  • Parking Garage

Meeting Place and Registration

There was a registration desk and lunch provided for workshop participants in the UNL City Campus Union from 11:30 am to 12:50pm. A registration fee of $10 was collected, but was waived for all students. Information packets were provided at the registration desk. Anyone on campus should have been able to direct you to the union.


Arrangements were made for participants who are not from UNL to park in the multi-story parking structure just west of the football stadium on the UNL campus. If you were arriving in Lincoln via Interstate 80, you should have taken the Downtown Lincoln Exit (onto I-180). It is difficult to miss seeing the football stadium on your left as you enter downtown Lincoln from I-180. Stay on I-180 past the football stadium until it becomes 9th St. Then turn left on P and left again on 10th. Proceed north on 10th street, keeping to the right hand lane as you pass "Q" street and you would have seen the stadium (and the parking structure) on your right. We conjectured that anyone in Lincoln would be able to direct you to the football stadium. You needed to collect a parking ticket from a machine as you enter the parking structure: if you brought this to the registration desk and we would have issued you with a voucher that you could use when leaving the parking structure. If you missed getting one of these vouchers, all is not lost: it costs $5 to park in the parking structure for the entire day. Parking on campus is free on Saturday, so you would only have needed to do this on Friday. But it was impossible to park anywhere else on campus on Friday unless you were incredibly lucky and found a parking meter somewhere. The alternative to this was probably to leave your car at the Town House if you were staying there and walk to campus: it is approximately a 20-minute walk.


The Department reserved a block of rooms for Friday, October 27 at the Town House Mini Suites, 18th and "M" Streets, 402-475-3000. (The Town House is adjacent to downtown Lincoln and within one mile of the City Campus.) Rooms were available to workshop registrants at no charge (double occupancy) as long as they lasted. You needed to check the appropriate item on the registration form to request a room. Housing requests needed to be received by September 25; any rooms not reserved by that date were released.