February Exams

On the week of February 21, 2011, you will take the following two exams.

Both exams will take place during the regular class period. Room assignments for the Performance Exam can be found in the Resources folder on cTools.

The Written Exam will take place in 1084 (our usual classroom), 7:10pm-8:30pm.

Office Hours next week

No office hours on Wednesday.

Performance Exam

The possibilities for the performance exam are described here (requires login).

Update, 02/16/2011: A rubric and sample problem for the performance exam is now available on cTools. On Saturday evening, the exact task that you perform will be released.

Written Exam

Doing well on the Written Exam entails mathematical mastery of the following topics.

While studying for the Written Exam, it would be a good idea to do the Problem Sets again, the examples in the Class Summaries and Slides, the problems from the review session, as well as the problems described in the cTools file on Performance Exam Possibilities.

I can promise that one of the unperformed tasks on the Performance Exam Possibilities will show up on the Written Exam, and you will be assessed with the standards described in that file! Update: A problem very similar to the proof of irrationality on the Performance Exam Possibilities will show up on the Written Exam. This problem will be worth 15 points, and will be graded according to the rubric in this sample solution.

Here is an example exam solution to one of the sample problems. Please note the way that the abbreviations capture the meanings spelled out in detail in the sample solution above. You can think of a good exam write-up as a good blackboard version of a proof.